Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tasty Tuesday {Cheeseburger Pizza}

What's for dinner?  It's a cheeseburger...it's a pizza...no, it's BOTH!!!  Friends, last night we tried out a new recipe I found on one of my new fave recipe blogs, Iowa Girl Eats.  It's a Cheeseburger Pizza with a homemade sauce.  

We just recently discovered that Noah has an intolerance to the food dye, Red 40 and possibly milk.  After MUCH research about what artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives do to our bodies (especially to little bodies), we made a HUGE change in our eating habits.  We made the decision to eat ALL NATURAL foods, which I am loving (all except the price tag)! Right now, we have one Organic/Natural Food Store in Knoxville, Earth Fare (which is a half hour drive from our house).  However, in the near future, we should be getting a Whole Foods & Trader Joes & I am beyond excited!  

Anyway, I've been scouring the blogosphere for recipes with homemade sauces, breads, and anything else I can make from my all-natural ingredients.  This one was perfect!  

Go HERE to get the recipe and directions!  

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