Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Today's Spooktober Guest ~ A Teeny Tiny Teacher

I am over the harvest moon that the lovely ladies at Frogs, Bees, and Under the Seas asked me to be a guest blogger for their Spooktober series.  Let's get started!!!!

You may not know me . . . so I should give you a quick (ha!) background.  I work at a great school with amazing teachers.  We grew 20 something points on our AYP and API and CBS and HGTV and MTV and all of that this year.  Hooray!  Let's keep doing what we're doing, right?  . . . Right?  . . . Hello? . . .   Is this thing on?
NOPE.  Let's change everything.  Let's go with this district-wide-mandated-fidelity-to-the-core-curriculum-holier-than-thou-situation and use only the approved materials and don't even think about using that cute thing you saw on Pinterest or this here blog.  NO.  They said NO. (insert stiff shake of the head with squinty eyes)
It's been a bit of a rough start.  (Rough meaning I may have thrown a hissy fit here or there, or cried on this occasion or that one)  My minutes are accounted for.  Really.  And the Curriculum Cops wait outside my door just dying to handcuff me and take me to Curriculum Prison where "fun in school" goes to die.
And then my wonderful friend, Heather, showed me her Scarecrows.  So cute.  So artsy.  So fun.  UH OH.  Here come the cops.  I take it all back!!
Or . . . wait a minute.  Let's call these little critters GEOMETRY SCARECROWS.  Yes.  YES!  This is MATH.  Yep.  Scoot on out of here, Curriculum Coppers.
There are several ways to accomplish this.
1.  Make patterns.
2.  Kids freehand it.  (Wow - you are BRAVE)
3.  Copy the patterns onto construction paper using a machine.  (It's okay.  I am not lazy.  I was just pressed for time.)
4.  Use scrapbook paper.  (I wanted to do that but see number 3.)
5.  Use a glyph.  (Thought about it, but again, please reference number 3.)
Here's how the little guy (or girl) turns out:

If you need patterns, click {HERE}.
And lastly, here is a pic of my bulletin board.  I was going to ask if you thought it looked cute . . . but instead, I will ask:
Can you count all the squares?  How about the triangles?  If you added the rectangles and the circles together, how many would you have?

On a side note, this bulletin board was the absolute cutest thing in my head.  I even drew it on paper during Bible Study the other night.  (it was more of a doodle while I was listening very intently to the discussion)  When I got the fence posts (or stakes) up, it was too cute.  The little grass around the bottom made my day.  And then it came time to get those scarecrows up.  And they just TOOK OVER.  No crows will ever come near that field, let me tell ya!  I still have 4 more that I have to squeeze in somewhere because 4 of my boys were absent.  I would have added leaves and pumpkins and a sun but I am waiting on those 4 other little guys.  SO!  Lesson learned.  I have two other huge bulletin boards that I could have done this on . . . but I already had ideas for those.  So I used my smallest board.  I am truly bright.  A forward thinker.  Oh well.  The kids LOVED it and that's all that matters.   Most of the time, anyway.  :)

By the way, I think the Curriculum Cops moved over to the second grade building.
Thanks for joining me!  And a special thank you to Jennifer, Heather, and Daphne for inviting me over here.  I had so much fun!

A Teeny Tiny Teacher

These scarecrows are "spook"tacular, Kristin!  Thank you so much for being our guest today!  Please go pay a visit to The Teeny Tiny Teacher...you won't be disappointed!  :)  


  1. Oh Kristin. Curriculum cops. You get me every time. When you retire, you're planning on writing a book about teaching experiences, right? I think it would be HILARIOUS!!

  2. These scarecrows are completely cute!

  3. Your posts always bring a smile to my face :)


  4. This really brightened my morning! Love it!



  5. hahaha! I LOVE it!
    And I totally would've been throwing hissy fits too - seriously??? Education is not a one-size-fits-all. And our school grew so big this year because of a charter school closing that we don't have enough books and TEs for all of our teachers...sooooo.....I was so kind and offered to give up mine to one of the newbies...lol. GUess I'll have to think out of the box,huh?? oh, darn! lol

  6. Curriculum prison where "fun in school" goes to die....classic line! Please don't wait until you retire to write a book. Start now! Thanks AGAIN for the laughs! And of course the patterns too!



  7. HEY BFF that post was what I needed... I have a big bad post about the same thing just sitting in draft because I can't get enough guts to post it...BUT it is nice to know that the 2 of us will be in prison together... think we can request pink stripes?

  8. HAHA! You made me lol with no crows coming near that field!! I love this project, too cute. And I get a little bit of what you're feeling, a lot has changed for us this year too.

  9. I love it Kristin! We all make our jokes about the curriculum cops too! Our first grade is now doing Math without a workbook or text book and have to do their own hands on lessons- I have printed off the pattern to share with them and your guest blog! Thank you for sharing! You brighten my day!

  10. No the curriculum cops were in my friend's classroom today and she informed me the only thing they forgot to look through was her purse! We are a new school (3 years old) and are already being watched by the 'MAN". What do they expect? We are in a low income area and we grew to triple quadruple our size since we started. There are people walking around in our building everyday, I don't know who is who. We are scared to do anything that isn't district mandated, so I know how you feel! Thanks for your post, it made me laugh and smile!

  11. Wow, so good to know that I'm not alone...(Misery loves company???) I thought it was just my title one school that was under the watchful eye of spies in the classroom. Call me crazy but is this the best use of the public's dollar?? Don't you have something better to do?? Bah! Thanks for the smile and hugs all around!

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