Thursday, September 29, 2011

Theme Thursday {Spiders & Bats)

So I'm trying to prepare for next week and as always I'm looking for new ideas. My theme is spiders and bats and this is always LOVED by all the kiddos. I have a few fantastic ideas up my sleeve, but there is room for more so here is what I've found from pintrest and I'm hoping you will add yours as well. 
Ok so this is totally fab! Spiders with missing numbers that the children can fill in. CUTENESS
Click the picture to download.
I did these last year and plan on doing them again--they were SO MUCH FUN! 
L.O.V.E. doing these----along with the rolling the marble inside a box on black paper with white paint spider webs of course--
From the talented Mrs. Jump---

So, please share my friends....what activities do you like to do when you study spiders and bats at school? Please share!


  1. I use Deanna's two spider experiments- one how they eat and then why they don't stick to the webs :)


  2. fun we made number 8 spiders, since the number 8 looks like a spider body and spiders have 8 legs

  3. oops forgot to leave the link

  4. I always give the kids a small black paper plate and cut small slits around the edges. Then the kids take white yarn and weave it any way they want to to for a spider web. Then they take a spider ring and add it to the web.
    We also work as a whole class to make a big web. I roll white yarn into a ball and the kids sit on the floor around a big piece of black bulletin board paper. We tape the end of the yarn to the black paper and the first child picks another child to roll the yarn ball to. The child who receives the ball tapes the yarn right in front of them to the bb paper and then rolls to another child. After every child has received the ball of year we have a cool spider web. Then the kiddos create spiders and insects to go into the web. They turn out so great and we talk about how we all had to work together to created the web.

  5. I always love to have the kids do a spider web directed-drawing activity. I'll see if I can explain it here without pictures... I give them a 8 X 8 piece of black construction paper. They put a dot where they think the middle of the paper is. They use a ruler to draw a line down the middle of the paper (both ways, to make four quadrants). Then, they draw the diagonal lines with their ruler. Now that you have eight lines on the paper, you can start connecting the lines to look like a web. It's an activity that always turns out well, as long as they are watching me carefully and listening. I like to get a parent volunteer to come in and trace the lines with silver glitter glue. They turn out really neat (even the children who weren't great listeners!).

    We also do a little problem solving with spiders. One spider has 8 legs. How many legs do 3 spiders have?

    I love reading Diary of a Spider.

    Thanks for getting me excited about spiders! The kids always love that unit. Check out my blog: justaddclipart.blogspot. I'll make sure to post spider web directions soon.


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  7. What does the white paper on the black bats say? I'm doing bats next week. We are doing Stellaluna. I've made my room into a bat cave. I used black bulletin board paper outside the door. So they walked through. I hung their bats in the doorway.