Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day!!

Just wanted to wish ya'll a very Happy Labor Day! I'll be sitting here at the house all day enjoying Lifetime's movie marathon: Going into Labor Day. It's all day movies about know the ones about the babies being stolen and husbands trying to get their wives preggo for inheritances money. The typical Lifetime movies...Ha! I don't know why I enjoy these, but I do! 
I'm trying to wrap up my school work and enjoy this beautiful (but very rainy) day with the hubster and try NOT to think about going back to work tomorrow. Ugh! When is the next break again??  


  1. I love you blog! I rated it as one of my Top Ten. Check it out and grab your award at TBA!


  2. I watched the one about the creepy husand trying to get his inheritance money too! I love those Lifetime's like the worst acting but it's kinda like reading a teen novel...easy on the brain and entertaining. :)

  3. You made my blogging Top 10 list!!! Check out the post here: