Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What I LOVE Wednesday!

I recently got a new gadget for my classroom that I cannot put down!  I got a Ladybug Document Camera, and it is awesome!  It is small and therefore does not require a lot of room. It has an adjustable neck which allows me to do just about anything I want!   It plugs into my laptop with a USB cord.  The USB cord is super long and allows me to take the camera just about anywhere in the room.  I love to put it on my students tables and use their work on the active board.  The students also love to make funny faces in the document camera, so I can use that as an award for making good choices.  A cool feature is the picture timer.  I can set the camera to take picture ever so often throughout the day and night.  This is super cool for experiments!  We can see what happened over the weekend or at night.  I am having a blast using my document camera!  If you already have one, I bet you are in LOVE too!  If you do not have one, check them out!  There are a variety of different document cameras.  The Ladybugs are pretty inexpensive, but I know there are even cheaper ones out there!  Definitely something to look into!

My Ladybug
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  1. Congrats. I have an AverVision. See here:

    I love using mine too. I use it for all sorts of things. :) I am sure you will love it.

  2. This is such a great tool in the classroom. I love doing science experiments under it and have the kids follow along. The best is when you ask a student to come up and share his work so others can see it easily and enjoy his super thinking! This is the best tool ever! We should have a linky party on all the ways you use this little cutie! I really enjoy the content on this blog.