Thursday, April 7, 2011

Theme Thursday!

Graphics Designed by: Lettering Delights 
I recently just completed my "X Marks the Spot" unit.  My themes are centered around the letter we are learning for the week.  Letter Xx is hard to put to a theme, but our fellow FBU girl, the Frog Princess, decided to do a pirate theme for the letter Xx.  I loved this idea and have used it every year!  We end our week with a pirate party!  
Graphics by Lettering Delights
We have 5 stations at our party-musical islands (musical chairs), treasure hunt for pirate loot, sight word pirate ship ring toss, sleeping pirate, and digging for jewels.  
Graphics by Lettering Delights
Here is what we do- at musical islands, students march their way around the chairs to pirate music.  The chairs are placed on blue butcher paper or a blue carpet to represent islands. 
When students go on the treasure hunt they are following clues around the school to find the treasure!  Little did they know it was in the room the whole time!  Each student gets a loot bag full of pirate treasure and fun pirate stuff from the Dollar Tree. 
Graphics by Lettering Delights

 At the sight word ship, students have to read and spell their sight words.  For every word they get right, they get to throw a ring on the ship! 
 Sleeping Pirate is always a hit!  We have a pirate hat full of treasure.  One kid in the circle is blind folded, students pass the hat around and one student steals the treasure out of the hat.  All students act like they are hiding the treasure, and then the kid who was blind folded must guess who has it!  Their guilty faces normally gives them away! :) 
The last station students had to dig through sand to locate beads to make a pirate bracelet.  Anytime sand is involved there is fun to be had!  Once students made a bracelet, they listened to a pirate story!  
So much fun!  
After we rotated through all the stations, we wash up for some pirate grub!  Students had corn dogs, chips, cookies, apple slices, and juice boxes!  Students really enjoyed this party! I left my camera at school, but I will share pictures soon! 

Graphics by Lettering Delights

Arrgh Friends, have a great Friday!

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  1. I love the pirate clip art! I went to Lettering Delights site, but could not find them. Can you help me find where you got these so I can create some things for my classroom? Thanks in advance!