Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Spring Break Substitute Teacher #1

Hey, friends!  So sorry we have been MIA this week!  All of us are on Spring Break and taking little trips all through the week.  But, never fear...we have lined up some AWESOME "Substitute Teachers" for our blog! :)

First, we have the gracious & gifted Gladys from Once Upon a Time in First Grade.  Thank you so much, Gladys, for being our first Substitute Teacher!  So, take it away, Gladys...

Hey y'all I'm Gladys from Once Upon a Time in First Grade...and I'm soooo happy to be here!

Don't you just LOVE the cute girls from Frogs, Bees and Under the Seas?!

I love their cute blog, their awesome ideas, and their terrific fashion sense! (Don't tell me you all haven't noticed how lovely they always look in their pics?! Because I know you have!)

So...when these lovely gals contacted me and asked if I would kindly write a guest post for them..(while they were away, enjoying their much deserved Spring Break). I jumped at the opportunity! I feel so excited to be guest posting on such a lovely blog!
 (Thank you, girls!)

So...not too long ago I introduced my firsties to Fact Families. I have been introducing Fact Families this way for a few years now...and my firsties love it! I usually begin by reading them a story about families...we discuss how family members feel about each other, how they take care of each other, and how they help each other. I then proceed to introduce these little characters...

These little people are my "fact family"...they were created to help my firsties understand the whole concept of Fact Families.

 I always introduce each Daddy, Mommy, and Baby. Each of these characters have a number assigned to them (sticky notes with numbers written on them)...the biggest number goes to Daddy, the middle number to Mommy, and the smallest number to Baby. When the individual number sentences are created I always explain how in addition sentences the biggest number (that is "Daddy") always goes at the end of the equation and in subtraction sentences "Daddy" goes at the beginning of the equation. I also explain that families are protective of each other and they don't allow strangers to come live with when my firsties are writing or solving their fact families they know that they can only use these 3 numbers..."strange" numbers are not allowed!

And let me tell y'all...they really get it! It's always fun to walk around when they are solving their fact family number sentences...and hear them talk about these cute characters...and how no "strangers" are allowed in their family! Ha! Hilarious!

Here are some more pictures of my little characters:




Aren't they cute?!

( maybe I'm a little biased because I drew them...ha!)

You can also find other fun fact family activities on Sarah's blog  First Grader...At Last! and on Lindsey's blog  The Teacher Wife. I really recommend you check them out...these ladies are superb!

Well thank you everyone for reading my little blurb on fact families...

I hope you enjoyed it!

Thank you Daphne, Heather, and Jennifer for having me as a guest was lots of fun!

  I hope y'all will come and visit me at Once Upon a Time in First Grade soon...until then...




  1. What a super cute and creative idea!! Thank you for sharing! :)

  2. We have a fact family book that would go perfectly with this activity. You can find it here: