Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tattle Tuesdays {Teacher + Mom}

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My husband is always telling me that my "teacher voice" comes out quite often (and I'm not even teaching right now)!  I guess it never really goes away.  Last week, on Noah's birthday, I took him out to eat lunch where there was a play area.  I usually don't let him play in them because I am a MAJOR germ-a-phobe!   But, since it was his birthday, I gave in.  

We went with our neighbors and two of their children, so Noah had someone to play with.  My friend and I both stayed in the play area because our kids are still so little.  Anyway, my neighbor's oldest (almost 6), came down the slide and said this kid was hitting Noah.  I called out to Noah and asked if he was ok.  He said, "No," and seconds later, this other child pushed him down the slide that he was too scared to go down.  There was a look of terror on Noah's face and he said, "He hit me in the head and it HURT!" Then, he burst into tears!

This was the first time anyone was ever being mean to my child!  All of a sudden, I felt my blood pressure HIT THE ROOF!  We all know how it feels when a student's behavior disappoints you (or should I say, makes you VERY UPSET)!  Well, take that feeling plus the feeling of a mama bear needing to protect her bear cub times 3,000 and that's how I felt.  
After I consoled my child and made sure he was ok, I turned to this other kid.  He was older and bigger than Noah.  I said to him, "Did you hit him?"  He said, "Uh, uh...I just kind of smacked him in the head."  I pointed my finger in his face and said in my best Teacher Voice, "WE DON'T PLAY THAT WAY!!!!!"  

He left moments after the incident, but in retrospect, I should have spoken to his mother or whoever the adult was that was with him.  All day long, Noah kept saying, "I just can't believe that kid hit me!"  I felt so bad for him because it was his birthday, after all!  

So, is there any Mommy out there who has had a similar experience?  This was my first, and I hope we don't have too many more...my heart can't take it!  So, to all of you teachers out there who aren't moms yet, don't be taken off guard like I was when this happens to you.  Remember...Teacher + Mom = Grizzly Bear  :) 

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  1. Oh man I completely feel you! Living on a military base, everyone knows the teachers. We were at the ball field one day and my oldest came over with his crying brother who was 3 at the time. He told me that the two of the bigger kids had picked him up and dropped him on his head. We had had prior issues with these two boys before picking on my oldest and though I had spoken with the mom, she didn't seem to have a handle on her kids. Well I only saw red as I marched over to our shade tent where they were hiding. I didn't realize that I had an audience as I unzipped the tent, pointed my finger at the boys, and demanded they remove themselves from my tent. I then proceeded to tell them that if they ever laid a hand on either of my children again, I wouldn't wait to speak to their parents. (Not sure what I would have done had they called me on that *blush*) They were both shocked and I'm sure a little scared. When I walked away, several bystanders began clapping and one commented on "Don't mess with Mamma Bear!"

  2. I actually had a fight in a parking lot with another mom over something her child did to my child. It got very loud, very quick and I sort of called her a drunk because she was holding a Corona in her hand at the time. She was there picking up her child at preschool so what the heck was she doing drinking???? Some other moms had to hold me back and I still went at her. The claws came out and I couldn't stop, I was really angry. That was 14 years ago and it has never happened again. I revert back to that day often and although I am not proud of the way I acted, it sure felt good at the time, LOL.