Tuesday, April 5, 2011


So I am not sure if I'm tattling or not, but I am writing to say that after 3 LONG years of begging for a projector I finally have one in my classroom. Thank you to the fabulous PTO, my firties will be able to experience life in the internet world. So, here is my question friends.....if you have a projector how do you use yours?? I would like to use it for everything, but obviously some things you just cannot, but what kind of activities do you enjoy that do not require a smart board? It would sure help me out!

Have a great Tuesday friends!!


  1. I use mine for everything...to model how to do math pages- or graphic organizers. We use Storytown and there are teachers who have created powerpoints for every day's lesson which are awesome for me to use during our reading block (it keeps me on track) If you don't already have one, the presentation remote control is really helpful b/c you can walk around the room and change the slides on the P.point, etc.

  2. Congrats on your new projector! We use ours for a lot of interactive sites. Any videos, interactives, or photos always make a huge difference in a lesson (I got some really cheap speakers too, so they can listen along to the videos!). I've also made powerpoints when I couldn't find what I wanted online. I do use it as much as possible...there's so much out there to help build background and supplement learning.

    Have fun, you will love it!! :)

    Ladybug's Teacher Files

  3. I love playing math games, showing videos (I don't have a working VCR!), making imovies and iphoto slide shows of things we're talking about, also I like to teach the kids how to research on the internet! Also, you can use Microsoft Word as a "notepad" and write notes for the class (facts from a nonfiction book, etc) and save them to review. Or write a class story, then print it out and put it in their journal to illustrate!

  4. I use mine all day everyday. I don't use an overhead projector at all. I put almost all of my files on a USB drive and project what we are doing on the board so the kids can follow along with me. I do all of our math activities- series and games through PPT's and the math website- I show movies on it.....I use it as an interactive white board basically.

  5. I would be lost without mine during writer's workshop. This last week we have used it as a pre-writing activing.

    1. My student-authors-of-the-day (3-4 students), look over their past week's writing and pull one out to share. My kindergartner's help look over their writing and assist in setting writing goals.
    2. Student-authors-of-the-day, go off to write while keeping these goals (1 or 2) in mind.
    3. When they come back to share at the closing of writer's workshop, we view their day's writing to see if they met the goals. POW.ER.FUL!

    We always use our document camera at the end of WW, but using it as a prewriting activity has been amazing!

    I am long-winded... I hope that made sense. Congratulations!

    Mrs. Wills Kindergarten

  6. I use my projector with my document camera to model handwriting & other assorted worksheets large on the board. We also watch some educational clips & videos as well as my students own digital stories/ movies. Most recently I've been using it with our Mobi tablet, which is a hand held mini smart board I guess. I depend on my projector a lot & am grateful to have it.

    Ms. M