Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tattle Tuesdays {Funny Story}

Just a quick funny story to hopefully make you laugh today...  During my first year of teaching, we were still taking naps in Kindergarten...thank goodness that policy was changed!  My kids were supposed to bring beach towels to take naps on...can we say NOT COMFY?  Anyway, one day, one of my girls (we'll just call her R) woke up, I heard her say in a rather loud voice, "Um, Mrs. Jackson, I'm just not, I'm NOT!!!"  I began to question her as to what she was NOT going to do.  R said, "I'm just NOT going to be friends with somebody like that!!!"  I said, "A friend like what?"  She said,"I'm not going to be friends with somebody that would POUR WATER ON ME!!!"  As I investigated the situation further, I realized that she had wet her pants during her nap and she was CONVINCED that someone had poured water on her. I gently took her aside and said, "R, I think you may have pee-peed in your undies while you were sleeping, but it's OK, NO BIG DEAL!"  She looked at me like I was from another planet & said, "NOOOOO, Mrs. Jackson, I didn't do that...somebody poured water on me and I'm not going to be friends with them ANYMORE!!!"  I persuaded her to go to the bathroom & change her pants, but as she walked down the hallway, I could hear her saying over and over, "Why would somebody do this to me?...I just can't be friends with them, I can't!"  

So, to this day (she'll be entering 8th grade in the fall...yes, I feel old),  I'm sure she believes that someone (a friend, no less) poured water on her during her nap in Kindergarten!