Saturday, May 14, 2011

Shout Outs {End of the School Year}

It always seems that school flies by when we get back from Christmas break. So here we are with 9 days of school left and looking for all those cute ideas for the end of the school year. 

Check out this cute autograph book that I found over at Diary of a First Grade Teacher . TOO CUTE! 
Click on the image to download your copy! 
I wanted to share some of the awards that I give my firsties at our end of the year recognition program. 
Graphics Courtesy of DJ Inkers and Thistle Girl

Here is a picture of one of the girls who won the hula award, but in order to get it---they must show us their best dance moves. You can also see the little buckets I give to the students at the end of the year in the background. This pictures are from last year and I was not really thinking "blogging" when taking these last year. My apologizes. 

Thanks to Frog Princess Daphne, she gave me the fabulous idea of doing a luau theme at the end of the year and it has always stuck with me because I'm beach theme and having a luau at the end of the year just seems to fit well! Here is what is inside the kids sand buckets that I give them along with their awards at their recognition (only after they have earned it by singing their cute songs and dancing) I also include a copy of the end of the year DVD that we watch. SO CUTE!
At the end of the program and awards ceremony, I show the end of the year video that I have created to the classroom and their families and then we get to eat hot dogs and just enjoy spending the last few minutes with each other. This is usually our last day of school and it is nice to be able to spend that time together. Last year I had these super cute dolphin cookies made for my sweeties and I'm planning on doing it again this year. 

Enjoy the last few days friends....they are going to FLY by!



  1. I just posted an end of the year Aloha theme on my blog. Perhaps, it will give you a few new ideas. Aloha!

  2. What program do you use to make your end of the year DVD?

  3. This is a cute idea, but are those buckets really expensive? I thought the items seemed fairly small. Where do you purchase the items to go inside?
    Thanks - Lauren

  4. Yes, please where can I find them, too!


  5. I buy everything including the buckets at The Dollar Tree. Can't go wrong there especially when you're buying 17 of everything! Most of the things you can find in packs of more than 1 so you're not actually spending "that" much.

  6. The past two years I have been using Microsoft Movie Maker, but this year the Frog Princess is letting me use her mac so I will get to use the imovie. Yeah!!