Saturday, May 28, 2011

Shout Out Saturday {The Moffat Girls}

Happy Summer Saturday to you all!  It is almost officially SUMMER & I am so excited!  Today, I want to introduce to you a new amazing, cutie-patootie blog called The Moffat Girls!  

Meet Annie.  She is a Teacher turned Stay-at-Home Mom to two sweet girls!  

She created an awesome FREE reading program to help her 3 and a half-year old learn to read!  I strongly agree with Annie that the success of children's reading skills depends both on phonics and sight words.  So, she created printable units to teach both.  Each unit introduces 5 new sight words and 2 new word families.   Click on the picture below to learn more.

Take a look at how Annie is using her printables to help her daughter learn to read!  

Word Family Garden 

 Sight Word Caterpillar

Color by Number Sight Words

I plan on working really hard this summer helping Noah learn his letters and sounds, so I can start this program in the fall!  I'm so excited!  Check out Annie's blog, The Moffat Girls, for much more inspiration!  


  1. Get the Leap Frog Letter Factory Video!! He will learn his letters and sounds, I Promise!!

  2. I just discovered Moffat girls today! I teach k and think it will be a great resource!

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