Thursday, May 19, 2011

End of the Year {Theme Thursday}

I don't know about you, but I just cannot believe that we only have 1 more week left of school! WHOA! Where does the time go? Well, it is starting to get a bit overwhelming, and it is beginning to look like the 3M store blew up on my desk due to all the notes just laying around. So, just like many of you- I have made myself a little end of the year checklist. I love checklists, because I absolutely LOVE checking those things off. So here it is friends---I know it will not help many of you to download it, but it may help you get an idea of how to organize your own. 

Click the picture to download

I begin each year talking about Oceans and I like to end each year going into more depth with Oceans. Since my whole "theme" is Oceans it just works out best that that's all we are thinking about right now is summer time and the beach anyway! I had to head on over to Deanna Jumps blog and purchase her new Ocean Unit and it is SUPER DUPER cute! I can't wait to get started on it Tuesday (Monday is our last field trip)! Kind of sad. 

Click the picture for the link to purchase that awesome unit friends--

Happy Thursday All---now off to watch the Season Finale of Grey's Anatomy---surly Meridith does not really get fired!! 


  1. My to do list is full of paperwork related items-- ugh. I wish I had things on it like an end of year program but that's taboo unless you are 5th grade. Happy Friday and hope you can have a "productive crossing off to do list" week!


  2. I'm bummed - I can't get your documents to open. I'll try again tomorrow!


  3. I'm really glad you posted this... This is motivation to start a checklist of my own and use yours as a guide! Thank you!


    Frenzy in First

  4. Hi! What is the black font used on the checklist?

  5. The header is Smiley Monster and the rest is Pea Summer Sweetness.

  6. I am a SUCKER for CUTE fonts and those are adorable!