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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What I'm LOVING Wednesdays

Seriously ya'll I could sit down and eat a dozen of these and not feel a BIT guilty. I LOVE em! My actual favorite are from Walmart...and OOH EEMM GEE every time I go I so want one. {I do refrain most of the time}

This year for my birthday {40 more days!!}....forget the cupcakes and cake---I'm hinting around for a little something like this-  
Who wants a donut now? Ha. Sorry. 

This year I moved classrooms and grade levels {KINDERGARTEN HERE I COME!} So I'm loving that my good friend Frog Princess took time out of her precious schedule to come down to help me get my classroom organized. Looks ready right? I'll get there. 

I LOVE my new Camelbak Groove! It's a filtered bottle. I can fill it up anywhere with any water and it tastes just like home. I usually spend at least 5-10 minutes of my nightly routine filling up water bottles because I cannot handle the iron taste out of most water fountains. This is simply AMAZING. 

I am very picky about my jeans. I have very long legs {48 inches from hip to toe to be exact ---that's 96 inches of leg on my body! Yikes!} Anyway...these jeans come in an extra long which is perfect for me! The style that is perfect for me is called Maddie {they are a little stretchy through the hip and thigh}These are the ONLY jeans I own. I have them in many different variations, but they are the only style that I buy. You can buy them at Buckle.com or the store nearest you!

In the next few weeks one of our {me & the hubster} favorite shows is premiering! Yahoo! We are SUPER excited...I think it would be awesome to have a kick off party with the friends. If that's on your mind too---head on over to Moo Moos & Tutus for her party package she designed for us for our birthday last year. It's FANTABULOUS! 
Now since I'm focused on setting up my classroom I have been scouting out Teachers Notebook DAY AND NIGHT for some awesome ideas. 
As most of you know from my post last week I'm going to add some pirates to my ocean theme this year. I'm pretty excited about it. Look what Daphne helped me set up last night:
I'm LOVING the new sunglasses the hubster bought me for our anniversary! 
Last but certainly NOT least....I am especially LOVING and missing my husband today. He's been out of town since Monday so I couldn't resist to add him to my post today! 
Here we are at one of my favorite places--THE LAKE! This is where you'll find me eating donuts and drinking Dr. Pepper after my last...YES LAST class THIS Saturday!

Stay cool my friends and drink PLENTY of water!


  1. We are moving into a new classroom too! Good luck! I am also going to look at those jeans..I always need a little extra stretch in the hip and thigh!! LOL!

  2. Love your pirate ship! I hope to make one very soon too! I'm also moving classrooms.....such a big, stressful ordeal. Good luck with everything! It's so nice you have a friend to help you out!