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Friday, July 22, 2011

Fiesta Friday!

Summer is a busy time of year!  There are so many birthday parties, showers, and weddings to attend in the summer!  I love a good party!  My niece recently turned 7 years old.  For her birthday she wanted to have a tea party with her besties and their favorite dolls.  

Frog Princess Daphne designed the invitation and banner for the party!  She is very talented!
We had the party at the Tin Roof Cafe!  The food was fabulous and the atmosphere was perfect!  The cafe served the girls turkey and cheese sandwiches, chips, and apple slices.  They picked their drink and then sipped it from their tea cups! 

Here is the set up of the party! Simple and cute!

The SUPER Cute Tea Pot Cake!

I hope to add more pictures tomorrow of the girls enjoying the party (wanted to check with their mommies first)!


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