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Monday, February 27, 2012

Dr Seuss Digraph Sort

Click the picture to download
Here's your freebie I promised! Hope your kids enjoy it as my kids did today. At first I was going to print this and use as a center, but I ended up printing it and paring up my buccaneers and had them sort them, I checked them, and they glued them. It was fun---I had to move them to the floor (which they enjoyed more). 

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Lucky Saturday

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Happy Saturday, Sweeties!  Just wanted to pop in and let you know that our FREE March calendar is all ready to download!  Yay!  

"Pick" your four-leaf clover below to download.
Also, I wanted to let you know that both my L IS FOR LUCK UNIT and LEPRECHAUN HUNT are available in our TN shop now. 

To celebrate Leap Day, a special day that only comes around once in a while, both items will be on sale for 15% off for one week {making the L IS FOR LUCK UNIT $2.98 and the LEPRECHAUN HUNT $1.70.}  Our "Leap for Luck" Sale will run from today until next Saturday, March 3, 2012.  

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, friends! ♡


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What Im Pinning Wednesdays

Just thinking about Dr Seuss week and thought I'd give y'all some inspiration if needed:

I'm looking forward to lots of crazy fun next week! Check back for a Dr Seuss FREEBIE coming up!! 

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tasty Tuesday {N'awlins Style}

In honor of Mardi Gras today, here's some deliciousness to get your dinner wheels spinning...

Red Beans & Rice from Kevin & Amanda

Creamy Jambalaya Pasta from Plain Chicken

King Cake Knots from Plain Chicken

Biscuit Beignets also from Plain Chicken.....the girl sho' nuff knows her cajun food! ;) 

Ok, now I'm going to have to get a snack (at 1:00 am)...yes, that's when I blog!  My child is a night owl (can't imagine where he gets it) so I end up working till the wee hours of the night!  

Happy Mardi Gras Day & Happy Cajun Cooking! ♡  

Sunday, February 19, 2012

FREE Mardi Gras Unit

First of all, let me just say, WOW!!!  Thank you to all of you who joined our discussion on talking in the classroom!  What do you think about having a different topic each week?  I loved reading each and every comment and hearing what other teachers had to say.

Anyway, today I have a special freebie to all of YOU AWESOME READERS!!!  As a thank you for following our little blog, I made a mini Mardi Gras unit for you to use with your kiddos this coming Tuesday.  

The unit includes...

✏simple addition
✏initial sound/letter
✏mask template
✏ABC order handwriting
✏missing letter
✏color by sight word

Click the mask to download the unit! ♡

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Just a thought....

I'm going to open up my soap box for a second....as I'm sitting in my room having lunch I hear a teacher walk down the hall saying "do I hear talking?" Of course you do! Of course I say the same things to my kids, but I sat and wondered...what is the purpose of this? In middle school and high school kids will talk, chew gum, hit each other and some may even smoke in the bathroom (not saying that we should allow any of that) but what's wrong with talking? During early bus duty the kids (Kindergartens mind you) are instructed to sit in front of a TV and watch it for 45-55 minutes QUIETLY. WHY? Why can't they talk quietly with their friends? During lunch the children CANNOT talk. WHY? During instructional time children CANNOT talk. Are you serious? I cannot go 2-3 minutes without talking and neither can any other teacher  I find this just super unnecessary because as the children get older they will realize that you talk everywhere. At work, during lunchtime (try having your lunch quietly) or even bathroom time. C*R*A*Z*Y! During snack I have started giving my kids chatty time just to let them communicate. Our kids are growing up in a society where technology is so HUGE they are not going to learn how to communicate with others. This is a big skill to learn, but if I allowed that in my classroom I would probably be told I couldn't control my students. What are you thoughts on this? Is it just me that this bothers? 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy, happy Valentine's Day to you all, my friends!  So sorry for the lack of posts lately...Jennifer & I have both been battling migraines!  My little one has been under the weather too, poor little guy!  He's following in his Mommy's footsteps of being sick on holidays.  

Before he got sick, however, we had so much fun with our Valentine's photo shoot.  Each year, I take Valentine's Day pictures of him to make our annual card to send to family and friends.  This year, we went with a kissing theme!  I wanted to share some of my fave photos of the day with you.  

 I put on my brightest lipstick and gave my lil' sweetheart some smooches!  He said, "Moooommmmy, what ARE you doing? Wait, I have to look in the mirror!"  Then, he cracked up laughing! 

He's such a funny little guy!  He keeps us laughing all the time!

I got out my chalkboard and put a price on those kisses.......can't be just giving those away! ;)

And, this is my favorite of the day!  After several tries of making the "blowing a kiss" pose, we finally got it right.  Then, I just added those cute hearts in my photo editing program, Fireworks.  

Here's some of our Valentine's photos from years past.

age 10 months: Special Delivery

age 1 year, 10 months: Warm hugs!

age 2 years, 10 months: Prince Charming

We hope your Valentine's Day is filled with special people, fun times, and mostly L.O.V.E.!!!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Heartfelt Hump Day {Valentine's Couples Party}

I got a little email this morning from Chanda of MattiCakes that couldn't have come at a better time!  I knew I needed something Valentine-y to post today and Chanda sent me the details and pictures of the sweetest Valentine's party!

In Chanda's words...

I threw the Italian themed party for some couples that needed a boost in their marriages  We did have a 10 year anniversary couple so we gave them a private table.  But all of us decided to serve our husbands with great food and all their favorite desserts.  We focused on Song of Solomon- "My beloved is mine and I am his"... It was really amazing to honor God through our marriages and serving our husbands.  

The little black rocks on the plates were to not only find your place but to put in our pockets.  I put my husband's in my pocket and walked around all day with it.  It reminded me of the burden that he can sometimes be but that when I see his name to take it out, God gave him to be the foundation and leader of my home.  I would pray each time and soon, I liked having it there.  It made me think of him 
all day.

I also transformed our spare room into a LOVE LOUNGE.  The wives would take their husbands there to dance with them. Music- Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, Worship music, Oldies and goodies...  

Gift bags were made from 100 year old Valentines cards.  They were filled with a game of body part and instructions, all kinds of chocolates and fun stuff from scented oils and lotions to gift cards to give to each other... 

Jars on the tables were Modge Podged with burgundy food coloring and then doilies and raffia attached.  I put candles and flowers inside them with a few tomatoes and rose petals... it was pretty! 

Menu board was just a corkboard with a frame and material I had left over.  

My hubby and I had everyone take a "prom" photo. 
Thanks for sharing with us, Chanda!  The party looked so fun and gives us some great ideas for Valentine's Day!  :)


Monday, February 6, 2012

Valentines Day Freebie

Just because I love y'all....we did this in class today and my kids did really well with it-- I hope you will enjoy it!!


Friday, February 3, 2012

Friday Freebie {Superbowl 2012}

As promised, I made a little party collection for this year's Super Bowl!  If you're having a party or just watching the game with your family at home, you can dress up your game snacks with these fun printables!  

The collection includes
-circle tags
-cupcake wrappers
-tent food labels
-pennant banner (2 designs)

Super Bowl 2012

Enjoy, friends & have a great weekend!  :)