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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

What I Love Wednesday!

Since summer started I have been on a health kick.  I get so overwhelmed during the school year, and I feel there is never enough time to eat at school.  I am normally running around getting things ready for during my lunch break.  I am guilty of eating and drinking "junk" to get through the day.  I have spent lots of time looking at my eating habits and changing them.  Did you know that there is 490 calories in Chick-fli-A's chicken salad sandwich?  How about a six inch tuna sub on wheat from Subway-530 calories?!!  I have done well this summer, but with the rush of the beginning of school right around the corner I am trying to prepare for a healthier life style at school.  It is hard because there is always birthday treats and other yummy goodies floating around. 
So here are some of my healthy loves that I will take to the classroom with me in August...

I have never been a big water drinker-I prefer Mello Yello. I have let them go and picked up these!  My favorite is Strawberry Kiwi!
I have been watching my calorie intake!  I love the Calorie Count for my phone!  It really opened my eyes and keeps me on track!

Since we teachers are always on the go Special K has great healthy snacks!  I love the protein shakes!

I am also a fan of Special K Cracker Chips! You can have 30 chips for 110 calories! The sea salt are my favorite!

We all know less is more!  So pack your baggies and eat lite and healthy!  I would love to hear what healthy foods you like to have around!



  1. I LOVE Propel too! Maybe I'll try to take that to school instead of so many diet cokes this year. If I'd stock my fridge at school every so often it would help and I wouldn't run to the coke machine as soon as my kids go to PE!
    I've also fallen in love with craisins- a much healthier snack when the kdis are at a special than the usual handful of M&M's.

  2. I love the Special K cracker chips!
    I have become a fan of Crystal Light packets that go in bottled water or a cup of water. My favorite is Wild Strawberry.

  3. I just started (as in this week) keeping track of my eating and exercise here: http://www.myfitnesspal.com/. Like your Calorie Count it has really opened my eyes. I think in advance about what I'm going to be eating and thinking 'Am I going to be able to work that off?!' I have increased my water this week, but I know that will decrease when school starts back up! I have been enjoying the following:
    Strawberries (yum!), Kashi bars, 100 calorie popcorn bags, Coke zero (I know, I know...not exactly healthy), almonds, & cashews. I agree, it is very hard when there are so many great sweets floating around all the time :)

  4. I can't wait to try the Special K chips. I also love their protein shakes! I have a Droid X phone and I downloaded a free app called Cardio Trainer. I open the app and wear my phone in a special sleeve I bought at Walmart when I exercise. It tracks how many workouts and how many calories I have burned. It keeps a running total of both per month. It keeps me accountable. I love to go to Zumba classes and I burn between 500 and 600 calories each class. I love seeing how many calories I have burned!! I am with you on trying to stay healthy during the school year too!

  5. The Special K shakes are great! I usually always have one for lunch while at school. They're perfect for always being on the go getting lessons and things ready for when the students come back. You can work AND eat! Who knew!

  6. I am hooked on Crystal Light Wild Strawberry as well......I make them in mason jars and keep them cold in the refrig. I started to cut up celery and carrots and put them in snack bags in the refrig. for an easy to grab snack. I like to bike....I'm up to 20 miles a day. My goal is to lose 20 pounds and my reward is the i-phone...then I will check out that app for calories. I use sparkpeople.com right now online to count calories ....... it's free.

  7. It seems that we are all trying to better ourselves, healthwise. I also downloaded myfitnesspal to my phone and my itouch, so they are always synced and ready to go. I haven't exercised as much as I would like this summer, last summer I joined a bikini boot camp and it really made a difference. I am re-joining on Aug. 15th, so I am in the mode for school! Good luck everyone!

    Faithful in First