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Monday, August 26, 2013

Bib Organization 101

My husband and I are always looking for bibs right at the WRONG time---feeding time. Not good when you have a hungry infant right? Well, I found a solution---or so I thought. I cleaned out a drawer in our kitchen just for bibs. Oh how organized and neat. Yay. NOT. They kept getting caught inside---every time I open the drawer they end up in the cabinet below. Ugh! Solution number 2 and this DOES work.

So all you do is buy a command hook (any large size would work). Attach the hook to the back of the high chair. And---you're done. Bibs----right when you need them. Now, just make sure you always have some clean hanging on the hook. :) 

Now, I thought I was pretty intelligent and came up with this idea all on my own...but after looking it up on pinterest--- I have failed. Darn. Oh well--- just thought I would share it with you. Perhaps you are having the same issues. If not--- pin it and share with someone else. :) 

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Shopping to SAVE-- yes that's what I said :)

So one of the biggest things that has changed in my life since I had a baby is the shopping. I could care less what I have to wear or what is in my closet, but my daughter, on the other hand must look adorable at ALL times. I also love finding her toys that will help her developmentally (guess I can thank the teacher in me for that). These items can get REALLY expensive (as many of you know) and that is why I have become ADDICTED (yes, hello my name is Jennifer and I'm addicted) to Zulily! Holy cow. If you have never shopped at Zulily----please go there now. CLICK HERE and sign up and start shopping. There are TONS of name brands (like Toms, Oakley, Baby Lulu, Baby Nay, Babyworks, Bugaboo, Carters, Classy Couture, Dr. Seuss, Frankie & Daisy, Hannah Banana, Hurley, KEEN, Kidkraft, LEGO, Little Me, Matilda Jane, Peg Perego, Stephen Joseph, The Honest Company and SO MANY more) I'm not affiliated with Zulily at all and we are not getting ANYTHING for this post. I wish we were :) But--- It's AWESOME name brands are seriously fabulous prices. You must check it out! 


Monday, August 12, 2013

Back to School Traditions

The time is here!!!  My little one has been back to school now for three days!  He absolutely LOVES Kindergarten and has the sweetest teacher!  He gets out of school at noon this year and I am cherishing this final year of getting to eat lunch & spend half the day with my sunshine every day! 

Here he is on his 1st day!

So, we have a couple of back-to-school traditions in our house.  This is only our 2nd experience with school (Preschool & K), but we hope to continue these every year.

Noah gets to choose a fun outing to do on the weekend before school starts.  This year, he chose to go out to eat at one of his fave restaurants and then go play putt-putt!  Also, our new tradition we added this year was a back-to-school fashion show.  After shopping with Mimi & me, Noah tried on all his new outfits and paraded like a model to fun music.  Take a look at this short video I made of his debut fashion show!

Make your own slide show at Animoto.

What are some of your back-to-school traditions?


Saturday, August 3, 2013

August Calendar Set

Hey, guys!  I was looking back at the classroom calendar sets that I designed a couple of years ago, and I'm not liking them much anymore!  I've learned a lot about design since then, or at least I hope I have! ;) So, I decided to make some new cuter ones!  

They are still going to be freebies ~ yay!  

So, here is August all ready for you to download.  
      You can download the whole set HERE in our shop for free!  
Enjoy the rest of your weekend, friends!