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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Pinteresting Find-- Noise Management

So I just saw this pinned from Deanna Jump and Mrs Carroll (The First Grade Parade) and I couldn't NOT share this IMMEDIATELY. Things like this excite me and since I'm not in the classroom this year I couldn't help myself. 
So many of are finally settling into the new school year (some are ready for grade cards already) and then some of you are just starting your 2nd week, but ANYWAY- regardless of where you are in the school year, this tool will be beneficial to you.

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This cool tool is for noise management in the classroom. So when you're doing group work or just individual seat work this tool will be most helpful. You tell them to NOT make the balls bounce. The students will love to watch and monitor their own progress making them more responsible and keeping you from stopping the music (you may or may not play during work time) and telling them to be quiet or writing the word Recess up on the board...taking away a letter at a time and when its gone their Recess is gone (that works too but again interrupts the teacher)
I had to try this at home just to see if it works--it's super fun and my daughter really enjoyed the screaming that I did while she was playing. Ha! Happy Tuesday Ya'll! Hey-- tomorrow is