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Monday, April 30, 2012

No Menu, But Free Calendar!

Greetings from New Orleans!  My family is tagging along on my hubby's business trip this week and we're having fun shopping, touring, and EATING all the delicious food!  

We started our morning here, at Cafe du Monde in the French Quarter.

And enjoyed these beignets for breakfast........one word...........AMAZING!!!  

If you want to make your own at home, HERE is a simple recipe that only requires can biscuits, powdered sugar, and oil. 

So, I obviously do not need a menu plan this week, so instead, I thought I would just give you guys the FREE Printable May Calendar Set.  Sorry it's so late, but I hope you can still use it.  Enjoy!


Saturday, April 28, 2012

Is it May already?

I have uploaded both the May Homework Calendar and Behavior Calendar in our Teacher's Notebook Shop. Click the pictures to below to purchase:


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Here's what's making this Pixie Chick happy this week...

♡ I'm So LOVING Dancing with the Stars this season...some of the best dancing I have seen since the beginning!  My favorites right now are Katherine Jenkins and Maria Menounos, but they have ALL been phenomenal!!! 

♡ While watching DWTS, I became an even BIGGER fan of Gavin DeGraw!  I started being a fan of his music when he sang the theme song from my all-time favorite TV show, "One Tree Hill"!  (Any OTH fans out there?) Anyway, from seeing him in a reality show setting, he seems to be so sweet with a great personality!  Enjoy this song, "Soldier" that I LOVE listening to right now! 

♡Since my hubby & I just decided to try to sell our house, I'm spending lots more time searching for home decor ideas.  I'm loving the blog, Young House Love.  Sherry is hilarious and has some amazing ideas! 

♡Most of all, what makes me happy are my two favorite guys!  Here's a sneak peek at Noah's 4th birthday Swamp Party...details to follow soon! :)

Have a happy Hump Day, Chicas! (and any fellas we have reading out there too)! ;)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Too Sweet Tuesday

So, I'm sure you've all either seen the previews for the new Nicholas Sparks The Lucky One or have already seen it, but if you haven't you should seriously take a time out, find a babysitter (if one is needed) and plan and date night out with the hubby. I know you're thinking "my husband would never go for this movie" but here's what you do to entice him. If you can set this up before he gets home from work that would be great, but if not you can stay up a little later or get up early and have it set up before he wakes up. DO NOT tell him what movie you are going to see or better yet what you will be doing on this date. Let it be a surprise so it's a mystery (remember, men love mystery) 

#1- I'm Lucky to Have You:
This is just a simple thing to do to show your husband how LUCKY you are to have him in your life! Head on over to grab your own copy by clicking on the picture above. Thank you to The Dating Divas for this awesome download! 

Make sure you have some scrapbook paper on hand to create the envelope.
The hubby will LOVE reading these! 

#2 Set the I'm Lucky to Have You Envelope right next to what you plain on wearing to bed when you get home tonight to show your husband just how lucky you want to get later. If you haven't bought anything new EVER or since you got married and you've been married 5+ years...it's time to visit Victorias Secret my friends because if you're still wearing the same things...it's no secret and you're killing the mystery here! 

#2- Go out to eat or cook his favorite meal. If you choose to dine out here are a few tips to keep in mind. 
  • Put on something nice. You don't have to break out that little black dress you've been dying to wear, but just don't even think about putting on stretchy pants with a matching jacket. Come on have some respect. Fix your hair and put on eye liner (I don't wear it everyday...just on special days when I feel like actually being pretty)
  • Leave the phone in the car. Seriously. This time with your spouse is much needed and you should let no one come between that time.
  • Get a booth so you can sit close , hold hands, perhaps share your meal. 
#3- Stop off at WalMart or Walgreens and grab some candy and drinks before the movie and stuff them in your purse (yes, this is not allowed, but it's cheap, risky and just plain fun). Don't forget to grab a blanket so you can get cozy inside the theater. 

#4-Enjoy the movie!

#5- Go home & slip into something more comfortable....let your imagination be your guide!

Remember- spend the entire evening showing him just how lucky you feel to be married to him. If you have ever read The 5 Love Languages and know your spouses love language, now would be a great time to use that to show him just how much you love him. 
Good Luck and GO ALL OUT- HE'S WORTH IT!


Monday, April 23, 2012

Menu Monday

Hello, friends!  It's a very chilly to start to our week here in East Tennessee.  So, it's a perfect time to stay indoors and do some cooking.  I feel like we have eaten out the majority of the past couple of weeks and I'm ready for some home-cooked meals.  Here's what's on my menu for the week...

F.Y.I.: I'm not sure if I ever shared that my little one has an intolerance to artificial colors (the worst one is Red 40), so we have to only use all-natural ingredients in our food.  We had to do A LOT of research into foods and we read A LOT of ingredient lists, but we now know exactly what we can and cannot buy.  So, if any of you out there want to try an all-natural diet, I'll try to give you examples of what we buy.  I feel like it's better for all of us to have less artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives in our diets.  

❖Monday: Tyson Mini Chicken Sandwiches,  Mashed Potatoes, Mac n' Cheese, Alexia Biscuits

❖Tuesday: Newman's Own Pepperoni Pizza,  Corn, Baked Beans

❖Wednesday:  Homemade Fish Sticks, Hushpuppies, Cascadian Farms French Fries

❖Thursday:  Bowtie Pasta Marinara, Peas, French Bread

Have a happy day, friends! :)

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Too Sweet Tuesday ~ James Bond

I think one of the main ways to keep a marriage alive is keeping the "spark" there & reminding each other why you fell in love! So, let's get to it, shall we?  Whose hubby out there is a James Bond fan?  If so, here is a fun date idea for you.  

My hubby is a HUGE Bond fan, so a couple of years ago, for Valentine's Day, I decided to surprise him with a Bond-theme date!  When I started planning, I thought, where do the majority of James Bond movies take place?  A casino, of course.  Now, we're NOT gamblers, but I thought it may be fun to go a play a few games, just for fun!  We live about an hour away from Harrah's Cherokee Casino, so that was our destination.  

I started out by giving him "mission cards" that I made.  I titled each operation from different Bond movies. On the morning of Valentine's Day, I put the first mission card in his truck along with his new "license" and a CD of Bond music.  (P.S. he still listens to it in his truck 2.5 years later!)

When he got home from work, I had picked out the suit I wanted him to wear on our date (black, of course), and attached his second mission card to it.

When we got to our destination, I gave him the third mission card...

Here we are at the casino.  Psst......my secret mission?  Eat dinner at Paula Deen's Kitchen, which was inside the casino!  A win/win!!! :)

We had so much fun with this date, I hope it inspires you to create a unique date for your Sweetie, too! 

Friday, April 13, 2012

Fun Pinterest Friday ~ Earth Day

It's time to gear up for Earth Day!  After Noah's birthday party is over, and my life returns to normal, I'm planning on making an Earth Day mini unit that I will offer as a FREEBIE!  Until then, here are a few Pinterest ideas to get your brain thinking green!  

Earth Day activities from Katherine Maries

Recycling Activity Page from All Kids Can Shine

Grass Head Crafts from Family Fun

Dirt Cups Snack from Kraft Foods

Earth Day Treats from Under the Table and Dreaming

Spinning Earth Art from Teach Preschool

Wish me luck on Noah's 4th birthday party!  It's a Swamp People and alligator theme, so I've been dreaming in camo for months!  Have a fun weekend, peeps!  

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Thrifty Thursday

Um, where did Wednesday go? I completely forgot that today was Thursday!! So sorry for my late post, but here are a few shopping tips that I've found to help save extra $$. Remember- a little goes a long way. 

  • Before you purchase an item, think about how many hours you had to work at your job to earn the money to buy the item. Sometimes, when you think about it that way, you're more likely to only purchase it if it's a necessity, or at least try harder to find a bargain.
  • Are you looking for grocery coupons? Visit CoolSavings where you'll find grocery coupons for brands you love and trust! Find great savings on food, baby needs, bath & body products, cleaning supplies, vitamins & more! Hurry, offers are limited! (US only) Go to http://tinyurl.com/ypjla for more information!
  • If you go to yard sales/garage sales when it's raining, you'll have a better chance of getting a better deal. Most people won't go to one of these sales when it's raining, and the people that are holding the sale know that too. Therefore, you have much more room to bargain.
  • Check with your local newspaper to see if they offer a Sunday only delivery. This can cost less than purchasing each weekly paper individually and is usually less than a full paper subscription.
  • Before going to yard/garage sales, make sure that you know your stuff. There are plenty of sites on the internet that you can go to for information on different items. If you know your stuff, you will be better equipped at knowing a real bargain, as well as giving you leverage in trying to negotiate a price.
  • To save money on meats, try cutting up your own meat. For example, a whole chicken costs less than a cut up chicken. Also, if you do it this way, you can bag the pieces up into the size that would meet your family's needs best.
Happy Shopping!! More to come next week!


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Too Sweet Tuesdays

Last year I got a fabulous gift from my sister-in-law. The book The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman (purchase here: The-Love-Languages-Secret-Lasts). I enjoyed it so much I read it twice just to make sure I didn't miss anything. It really showed me how different DH (Dear Husband) and I really are. He needs things from me emotional that I hadn't thought of--things that help him know he is loved, but I never knew "he" needed. So, a couple months ago I strolled by this app called Love Language Challenge (you can also go to the website: Love Language Challenge). So, the first step is take the quiz and have your spouse take the quiz. If it doesn't sound like something he'll do, then you can take it for him and just think like him. So each week it gives you a challenge and it walks you through step by step and they are usually very simple. Like the first week for me was to leave notes around (DH's love language is words of affirmation) letting him know how thankful I am for certain things. So, I stayed up late one night and put notes in his wallet, on the door, on the alarm, in his lunch box, in his car, in his pants pocket---you know just to let him know how thankful I am for the things he does for me. He of course LOVED it and in return left me some. Trust me, try it and you won't regret it---this will strengthen your marriage no matter how long you've been married. 
Praying for you and your spouse as you begin this challenge.  


April Calendar-- Full of Fun!

I don't know about you, but I'm excited about our new calendar! Here's what in your in for:
Menu Mondays- recipe planning and recipe ideas
Too Sweet Tuesdays- places to go and things to say to keep your loved one close by. 
What I Love Wednesdays- anything and everything we love
Thrifty Thursdays- tips and tricks on how to save money
Fun pinteresting news Friday- interesting things we've found on pinterest. 

Enjoy my friends!! 


Monday, April 9, 2012

My Menu Monday

Happy Monday, cuties!  I hope you all had a HOPPY Easter!  My little one got so hopped out, he is now feeling pretty yucky and we have a doctor's appointment later today!  Boo for Springtime allergies in East Tennessee........beautiful flowers and trees = sneezing, watery eyes, and congestion!  Ah, the price we pay for the beauty of nature!

Anyway, I thought you all might like a little peak into my dinner menu for the week.  This is a CRAZY BUSY week for us because Noah's 4th birthday party is Saturday and I have 6,845 things left to do on my to-do list!  We also have out-of-town family coming in on Thursday.  So, here's what I'm planning to cook this week (with "planning" being the operative word here, people). Maybe it will give you a few ideas for your menu too!

Monday: Chicken Noodle Soup & Rolls (to make Noah ALL better)
photo source
-1 bag Egg Noodles
-3-5 lb. Frozen Chicken Tenders
-1 T Butter

1. Boil chicken tenders for 45 minutes or until tender.
2. Remove chicken and shred into small pieces.
3. Add 1-2 C water to remaining chicken broth.
4. Add salt, pepper and 1 T butter & bring to a boil.
5. Add egg noodles , stir, and cook over medium heat for 10-15 minutes.
6. Add shredded chicken.
***Optional: add a mixture of milk and flour to make soup thicker.

Tuesday: Sloppy Joes, French Fries,  & Corn
Recipe from Taste of Home

☀Wednesday: Homemade Chicken Nuggets, Mashed Potatoes, Biscuits, Cranberry Sauce
Recipe from Super Healthy Kids

☀Thursday: Pulled Pork BBQ Sandwiches, Baked Beans, Potato Casserole
Recipe from Kevin & Amanda

☀Friday: Going Out

☀Saturday: Party Time

☀Sunday: Left Overs

Have a happy day!


Friday, April 6, 2012

Old Lady Who Swallowed a Chick Sequence Activity

Here is something I'm using at school today. I'm going to have them color them, write their name and cut them out. Then we'll sequence them and put them on a sentence strip. You could also do this with long construction paper. Enjoy my friends! Click the chick to download! 

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Easter Egg Hunt & Freebie

Last year, we had our first Egg Hunt at our house and all the little bunnies had SO much fun!  Take a look at all the "egg"citing festivities!

I covered my table in a canary colored tablecloth and bought some iridescent  rainbow fabric to cover my foam board for the backdrop.  I made the chocolate bunny banner and the tent food tags.  I found faux grass place mats at Hobby Lobby to give my table a natural Spring-y feel.

Served inside a tall cylinder vase were my "Bunny Tails" which were lollipop sticks topped with white powdered donuts.

For the carrot patch, I filled triangle cello bags with goldfish crackers and tied them with green ribbon.

I found the recipe for this super simple and ultra yummy Jelly Bean Bark on Pinterest here.

Here's the highlight of our party...hunting for those eggs!

 I downloaded the cute bunny photo props free from Frog Prince Paperie.

How cute is that?

Here's my little bunny searching for the perfect Easter eggs.

If you want to put together an easy egg hunt for your little bunnies, you can download the food tags, and bunny banner FREE here.  All I ask is that you become our follower, if you haven't yet, before you download.