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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What I LOVE Wednesday!

I love the fact that we are getting an extra long weekend-LOVE LABOR DAY!  I am exhausted, but very excited about this school year.
Here is what is keeping my going right now

CHICK-FLI-A is a must around our house at least once a week! The chargrilled chicken sandwich is only 290 calories and super yummy! 

To remain sane in the craziness of the school day, I have a few tricks up my sleeve-
Clipboards are a must for me!  They help keep me organized-so many cute, one-of-a-kind clipboards on Etsy.

Music can change the mood in the classroom at anytime.  During the first few weeks when the water works are still flowing-because they miss mom/dad or just tired I can put on these songs and get everyone in a "happy place".

*Don't Worry Be Happy
*It's a Beautiful Day
*Walking on Sunshine
*Lean on Me
Got to love the power of music!

Last and MOST importantly-I LOVE my husband and all the support he gives me in my job.  He is always willing to cut stuff out and help me prepare things for school.  I have been blessed with a wonderful man who suffers from a nasty disease. We pray for a cure and support the Crohns and Colitis Foundation of America.

Peace and Love Blogger Friends!

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  1. I just voted you as one of my Top 10 blogs! Thanks for being such an inspiration to new bloggers! You are appreciated by this Kinder teacher….FOR SURE!!
    Live Love Laugh Everyday In Kindergarten