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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Teacher Talk Tuesday

Ok, so I have 10 more minutes of Tuesday, so I barely made it to this linky party! :)  Today's topic at Blog Hoppin' is first year teacher tips.  When I had Student Teachers or Practicum Students {fave one was Jennifer, our Darling Dolphin...*wink}, I always gave them a list of my personal teacher tips, so here goes...

(1)            Be very careful about your relationships with all the teachers in your grade, the office staff, the cafeteria staff, and the custodians.  Remember, you don’t know who is friends with whom and who will spread their opinions of you really fast.
(2)         When you first get into your new school, there will be a multitude of people offering their old stuff, ideas on the “right” way to do things, and trying to tell you what to do.  Don’t feel like you have to take everything they give you.  If you take too much stuff that you know you’re not going to use, you’ll just end up with clutter and things to collect dust.  When others offer advice that you don’t agree with, just politely say, ”Thanks, that gives me something to think about.”  That way, they think they have helped you, but you don’t feel obligated to do it.
(3)        On all school events like field trips, field days, etc., ask a trusted teacher what you need to know ahead of time.  There were so many times my kids and I were not prepared for something, simply because I wasn’t informed and I didn’t know to ask.  Don’t assume that someone will tell you everything you need to know.  New teachers are often overlooked when it comes to information everyone knows.
(4)             BE ORGANIZED!!! Be prepared for anything and have a place for everything. 
(5)        When you are setting up your room, think about where you are going to be using each thing and find a storage place for it near its location.  If you have to take time or even walk across the room to look for something, your kids will get off task and you’ll have to spend more time bringing them back in.
(6)        Go over and over and over the procedures with your kids the first week of school.  If they know right off the bat what they can’t do, it is much easier to have control of your classroom.


1 comment:

  1. I agree with everything you said! The relationship thing is crucial - it's really sad how teachers can turn against one another. Ah, the joys of working with so many women lol. Well said.