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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Where It All Goes Down Wednesday

It's classroom picture day at Blog Hoppin'...woo hoo!  This may be a long night because I NEVER get tired of pouring over all the creative classrooms out there!

So, many of you have already seen pictures from my old froggy kinder-pond and Queen Bee, Heather's "bee"autiful kinder room, BUT today, I want to share a few pics from Darling Dolphin, Jennifer's new pirate kinder room!  I'm sure she'll go into detail with the pics soon, but here's a few bits of eye candy to last you until then..yo ho ho!  
front teaching wall

new crate seats {perfect for a little pirate's "booty"}

kids' tables (i love the little trash cans at each table}

Mrs. Huskey's kinders are asked to mark their lunch choice as either "grub from home" or "grub from school," and all lunch boxes go in the crate below.

Mrs. Huskey's new behavior system with a Pirate twist ~ she'll explain soon! :)

Classroom Jobs Board 

I'm off to stalk see all the other awesome classrooms linked up.  Oh, dear...I must get some sleep!  (I just have to keep saying that to myself)...ha!  


  1. Please please share where you got those desk caddies from!!! They are exactly what I need and SO fabulous!!!!!!

  2. I LOVE those caddies too!!! Where did you get them???!!

  3. I got them from reallygoodstuff.com like 3 years ago. I'm not sure if they still sale them but they are awesome.

  4. Awesome room! Love the caddies and the material on the crate chairs. Also, the pirate theme is sooo cool!
    Preschool Teacher by Cachey Mama