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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Teaching Trends Tuesday

I cannot believe it is August already!  We head back to school on August 15th, so summer is quickly coming to an end.  My classroom is finally ready for my new kinders, so I thought I would share pictures of the beehive!

Door to my classroom

Whole group area, smartboard, theme board, and calendar board

Homeliving Center (and my new curtains)

Front of the classroom from the door.  Small group area

Reading Hive

Science Center

Word Wall

Student Computer and my desk

I loved this idea from First Grade at Last so I added them to my room this year and LOVE them!

Behavior Chart- my take on the popular clip system

My favorite addition to my classroom this year!  My new chair pockets!  They were plain yellow and I added ribbon and embroidered the bee!

I cannot wait to fill it up with my little honeybees this year! 
Hope you have a Terrific Tuesday!


  1. It looks so bright and cheerful, great job!

  2. I love your classroom, especially the beehive.

  3. LOVE how your dressed up your chair pockets!! You have given me inspiration to dress up mine now too!!


  4. Love, love, love your curtains! I so need these! My windows are big and the sun shines in through the cheap blinds! I also love your bee that you have hanging outside your door. Do you remember where you got that? Thanks so much for sharing!


  5. I can't believe this is the same room you posted pics of before... it looks amazing!

  6. I love your room! I am also doing a bee theme and recognized a lot of the stuff in your room! :-) I love the chair pocket idea! Where did you get the yellow pockets? I love it!

  7. WOW! It looks bee-utiful! :) Truly--its fantastic!
    Thanks for sharing!


  8. I wanna be in BEE room! It is so darn cute! The hive is too cute":) I get in my room next week and I totally can't wait. I am doing Peace, Love and 2nd Grade!
    The Schroeder Page

  9. Absolutely love it! We're the Busy Bees too! How did you make the bee tent in your reading corner?

  10. Your room looks so Bee-utiful! I love it! Thanks so much for posting pictures.

  11. I'm glad there are others doing the Busy Bee theme! I love it!!! And...did you know, that scientifically, bees are not supposed to be able to fly? Their bodies are supposedly too heavy for their tiny wings, but God made it possible! I teach at a public school, but when told my kids the first part, one of my ittle buzzers said, "ButGod madeit possible!" Amen little one!!!
    Love all your ideas! Thank you for sharing!!

    Marcy @ http://busybeesandcupcakes.blogspot.com

  12. Your room looks amazing!! I love the bee hive and the chair covers. You are very talented!!

    Fun In First

  13. Thank you for all the sweet comments! The reading hive is a tent that I bought a few years ago at Cosco. It had red material on it so I took it off and gathered yellow material and hot glued it on to the archers.

    The yellow chair pockets came for etsy- check them out here:

  14. Hey there, I am so in love with your curtains! Could you tell me how much material you bought and the size of your windows? Sorry I am not good at estimating and sorta wanted to get an idea of how much I need. I will be sure to show you how my curtains turn out! Thanks so very much!

  15. I love your doorway! SO cute!!!

  16. In the picture Student Computer and My Desk, how did you attach the skirt to your desk? I am making one for a bookshelf in my daughter's class and haven't figured out the attachment.