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Friday, September 3, 2010

Theme Thursday

It is theme Thursday on Friday!  As we concluded our unit of study on colors, I thought I would share with you a really cool color mixing experiment to do with your kids.  The lesson was set using the story, Mouse Paint.  In the story, the mice find different colors of paint and paint their white bodies.  They drop puddles of paint behind them, and notice when they step in the puddles and dance around they make new colors. Mixing colors is lots of fun no matter how you do it, but this one is finger licking good!  Here is what you need-
1. You need plain vanilla cake frosting.
2. You need food coloring-red, yellow, and blue.
3. Bathroom Dixie Cups (3 for each child)
4. Popsicle sticks (3 for each child)
5. Vanilla Wafer Cookies (3 for each child)
6. Paper plate (1 for each child)
Now here is what to do-
1. Prepare materials before
           separate icing into three bowls and add food coloring (one bowl red, one bowl yellow, and one bowl blue)
           Spoon icing into Dixie cups (each child will have 3 cups of icing-red, yellow, and blue)
           Stick a Popsicle stick in each cup.
           Put the three cups onto a plate with 3 vanilla wafer cookies
        After reading the story, talk to students about mixing colors together to make other colors.  Then pass out materials and give students directions.  Have them mix red and yellow together.  They will use their sticks to put some of each of the icings on the plate.  Then they will mix them together.  Have students tell you what color they made (orange).  Then let them scoop up the icing with the stick and put it on top of one of their cookies.  Then have students find a clean spot on their plate and mix together blue and yellow.  Once they make green, they can put it on one of the cookies.  The last colors to mix are red and blue.  Have students mix them on a clean spot on their plate.  Once they get purple, they can decorate their last cookie.  Talk about the colors and gobble up the cookie!  SO MUCH FUN! 


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