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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Open House Scavenger Hunt

If your school is anything like ours in Tennessee, you’re probably getting ready to have Open House. If you’ve already had it this is something you can write down and make sure you do for next year. The year I student taught I was fortunate enough to meet both of my best friends, Daphne and Heather! Along with meeting both of them also came with lots of ideas! I had no idea what to do at open house my 1st year teaching and I imagine many other teachers feel the same way. So, I went to my friends who always seemed to have the answers. Daphne had always done a scavenger hunt- having the children guide their family around the classroom showing them every inch! This makes it SO super simple for you! Most parents want to talk about academic or social progress during this time, but the key is to keep them busy! If you send them around to every inch of your classroom I assure you that they will not have time to “talk your ear off!” So sit down and start at the door and have the children go to various special spots in the room. Tell them if they find all of them you will have a special treat for them waiting at the end! This could be anything that you want! I usually do something that is tied into my classrooms ocean theme. Here is a picture of what I gave my students at our open house! 
I called this “Fish on the Beach” the recipe was vanilla pudding on the bottom then on one side I sprinkled blue sugared sprinkles (ocean water) and on the other side I used vanilla wafers that were crushed up (sand) and to top it off I put 3-4 Nemo themed gummies. The kids loved it! 


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