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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Organizing Weekly Materials

Organizing your weekly materials for the week can be quite frustrating, but it is an essential tool to staying on task and keeping you and your kids organized! I usually begin making copies for the following week on either Tuesday or Wednesday. I put these copies in a letter tray labeled “Next week’s work.” Then on Friday when the day is finished I take 10 minutes before walking out the door to organize next week’s work. This way when you walk in Monday morning you don’t feel rushed and you know exactly where everything is at. A tool that I use to help myself stay organized throughout the week can be purchased at Lakeshore Learning (notice the picture below). I hated to spend almost 50.00 on, but it is WELL worth it! I searched ebay and tried my hardest to come up with other ways, but this just worked for me. Each day of the week has its own color and each subject has it’s own folder. It’s FABULOUS! My assistants love it and my substitutes love it because it’s easy to access and nothing can get misplaced.

All Purpose Teacher Organizer

1 comment:

  1. Have this on my desk too. I love it!!
    Jonelle Bell