Wednesday, January 18, 2012

What I'm teaching Wednesday {100th Day}

So I'm not sure about you but since we haven't gotten the all the snow that we are used to we're getting really close to 100th day. WHERE oh WHERE is all the snow?? Wishing I was living in Seattle right now. Anyway- here's some ideas I got from pinterest on 100th day. Enjoy!

Here's a little freebie for you! My 100th day note that I created to send home--feel free to download and send it home! Have fun!



  1. Okay, that's just scary! I'm sending home almost the exact same letter in the exact same font!!! haha!

  2. I can't believe it's almost here either. We always have snow days that mess it up and so far we've got nothing!

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  3. I am so procrastinating. My 100th day is next week and I have nothing ready. Ahhhhh!

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  4. I love the note. I am going to use it

  5. We celebrated the 100th Day today!!


  6. These are great! :) Thanks for sharing!

  7. What font did you use for the note? I want to download that font! When I downloaded your note, only the images came thru - the message was all "blacked-out". Not sure why . . .

  8. I really liked the picture of what the kids think they will look like when they are 100. Those were really cute. Thanks for sharing.

  9. I love your parent note! I've sent home a similar request, but I like how you have an image of desired products. Takes the guess work out for the parents. By any chance, would you be willing to either provide an editable version, or a more generic version (Dear Families)? I teach 2nd, so the Kinder doesn't work for me. Loving your blog post!

  10. I love your letter for the 100th day. Would you be willing to either provide an editable version? I teach prek, so the Kinder doesn't work for me.