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Thursday, January 26, 2012

What I'm Teaching ~ Penguins

I just LOVE penguins!  I don't know what it is that makes me love them ~ they way they waddle, their cute little black and white bodies, or just that they make me think about Happy Feet and all the fun music!

Anyway, Noah and I have been having some penguin fun this week!  Even though we still have much more to do, I thought I would show you some pics so far.  

He loved the Sliding Sounds activity from my Penguin Unit

I'm proud to say he is SO CLOSE to being able to sound out words on his own!  A little bit more practice and he'll be reading before I know it (and he's not even 4 yet) ~ woo-hoo!  :)

His new favorite thing to do is play all sorts of games, so we turned the upper/lower case letter match pages into a game of "Go Fish" and he had so much fun that he asked to play it twice in one day!

Noah's Penguin Lunch (goldfish crackers for feet and nose and cranberries for eyes)

a penguin finger puppet dressed up his juice

Here's some fun penguin ideas for you (mostly found on Pinterest).

A milk jug igloo would make a super COOL reading center! (image from flickr, but I couldn't find the source)

iceberg play activity from My Montessori Journey

How to Draw a Penguin book also from My Montessori Journey

penguin muffin tin meal from Eclectic Musings

penguin chili from Little Mummies

And, just for fun.....a penguin manicure from we heart it 

Remember, my Slippery Sale for my Penguin Unit ends on Friday!  :)

I was going to wait and give ya'll this freebie on Friday, but I thought you may need it before then, so here you go.......the brand new February classroom calendar!  
February Calendar

and, the February To-Do List
Feb to Do List


  1. Thanks for the freebies!
    ❤ Sandra
    Sweet Times in First

  2. I love penguins too! Thank you for posting the calendar! I'm trying to get everything ready this week/weekend for February next week! Where did the time go?!
    Rambling About Reading

  3. I have actually made a milk jug igloo for my classroom. It was really difficult to find a glue that would allow the jugs to stick together firmly, but it turned out REALLY cute. The kids LOVED it. Visit my blog: The 3AM Teacher to see pictures. I also have tons of teaching resource freebies you can grab.

    here is the direct link to the igloo post: http://the3amteacher.blogspot.com/2012/01/milk-jug-igloo.html#more

    Here is the image URL if that doesn't work

  4. Great Blog! I grabbed your button and placed it on my site...I will def. follow.

    Michelle Tsivgadellis
    The 3AM Teacher

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