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Monday, January 23, 2012

Happy Monday, friends!  My mood color today is WHITE!  Hmmm, why...........you ask?  Well, ever since the beginning of the year, I have had a strong desire to get my life organized and mainly CLUTTER FREE! My "word of the year" is CALM and I want to stay stress-free (ok, maybe just stress less)!  So, what color makes me feel calm?..............white!!!  

 Last week, I accomplished one (of many) projects on my to-do list...I reorganized my entire kitchen, office, and craft room!  It was a HUGE endeavor, but I love it so much!  I'll share pics soon!

Here's some white inspiration!
white dresser redo from burlap + blue

accessorizing a white blouse or dress from Chicago Fashion & Beauty Junkie 

my inspiration kitchen from A Thoughtful Place

Also, I finished my new unit about my favorite little WHITE and black fellows...PENGUINS!  I know some of you have already studied penguins, but I think it's an awesome theme for February as well.  My little one and I will be having some penguin fun this week (pics to come soon)!  :)

It's 39 pages and includes activities to reinforce the following skills...


*simple addition

*number recognition

*greater than / less than games "War" game

* "Go Fish" game




*one-to-one correspondence


*blending sounds

*letter tracing & writing


*beginning sounds

*letter sorting

*upper/lower case letter match

Take advantage of our Slippery Sale and get it for 15% off for 5 days only (until Friday, Jan. 27)!  

Click the penguin to view!
Here's wishing everyone a calm Monday!  ;)


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