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Friday, October 7, 2011

Today's Spooktober Guest: Ms. M

Hi Everyone,

It is Ms. M from Ms. M's Blog, a.k.a Ms. k/1ELL. I am here to share some Halloween fun with you all.

I was excited that the FBU ladies asked if I would like to guest blog. I thought of a million Halloween items to post about, but I chose to tell you about my new project. A doorway spider web.

I always love the spider webs made from the white cotton webbing but I am TERRIBLE with the stuff. It is always a mess for me and never sticks. This year, I had a brilliant idea. I used some of that fancy bakers twine from the Twinery. I bought a sampler pack recently and have been looking for ways to embellish my classroom. So I used it to make a spider web. Want to make one for your class or home too?
The first thing I did was to take some bakers twine and make an X in my doorway.

Next I added a 3rd piece of twine across the center.

This is where it gets complicated. I next, taped another piece of twine to the top of the doorway, dead center to the intersection of the would be web. I took that piece of twine and I strung it to the right. When I reached the right of the X I tied a knot and stung it down to the next piece of twine and tied another know. I continued to do this all the way around.

When I got to the top I took the twine and stung it straight down and tied a knot in the center. The went to the bottom line and tied a knot again. I left some twine hanging from the bottom because I wanted to have a spider hang from it like it was coming down from its web.

I did this process again 3 times. Here is the picture of what my we looked like then.

I was not happy that some pieces were not taut but looking at it now, it looks pretty good.

After constructing the web it was time to add the spider!

I just LOVED this, but unfortunately I had to remove the large spider. Some of the taller staff members at my school kept running into it. I am pretty short so I had no problem, but I also feared some students jumping up to tap the spider. :/

Here is what I came up with.

I added some small spiders to the web and placed the large spider at the top of the web as if it was coming down on to it. I love it! I like it more than the original design.

The best part is that the kids all thought it was real and asked me constantly until I stood on a chair and touched it. Here are some shots of them walking out of the room. I had to blur their faces, but you could still see the expression in their bodies. Priceless.

Thanks for reading along. Feel free to check out some of my other projects over on my blog, by clicking on the button below. :)


***Wow, Ms. M, that is one spooky & CUTE spider!  Thanks so much for sharing!  

Now, go visit her blog and see why we think she is spook-tacular!   


  1. Aw I wasn't able to see any of your pictures :(

  2. Thanks for being so inspiring, FBU girls! I just gave you the I HEART YOUR BLOG award. Stop by for more info: http://deceptivelyeducational.blogspot.com/p/blog-awards.html

  3. How creative! I never would have thought to make a big spider web like that! I will definitely be making one like this soon :)

  4. This is the most amazing decor idea and how fun for the students! We are so happy to share this post with our Facebook readers today...thank you for the wonderful feature.

  5. Fabulous! Great use of The Twinery's twine!

    {DT Member @ The Twinery}

  6. I LOVE the web you created for your classroom using The Twinery's baker's twine! That giant spider is a little scary though. LOL Thanks for sharing your wonderful project!

  7. Adorably cute! ...can my kidlets be in your class next year?

  8. Ok, this is GENUIS!!!! Love it!!!!! hugs, Katrina

  9. Oh my!! This is so cool!! I LOVE how you used the twine!! Very creative and looks like the kids loved it!

  10. Oh My this is so creative... What an inspirational idea...Love the way you use The Twinery Twine :)

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