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Saturday, October 15, 2011

New Halloween Packet

So, ok, I just barely finished my HALLOWEEN SONGS & GAMES packet for the shop by the light of the Halloween moon!  My little one has been VERY sick and I didn't think I was going to finish it.  Noah has an upper respiratory virus and we were sent home from the doctor this morning with a breathing machine...ugh!  Let's just say I was one scared Mommy today!  My child has a hard time slowing down because he has a humongous amount of energy.  So, we decided if we gave Noah his Halloween present early, we could convince him to sit still.   So, tonight, as we watched "Spooky Buddies," I had time to get it done!  Super cute movie, by the way! :)

This monster packet is 37 pages long and consists of...

This is just a sampling of the files you'll find inside.

As we introduce this new packet into the shop, we're having a
For 5 DAYS ONLY, prices will be SLASHED {sorry to sound like a commercial for used cars on Halloween}, to 15% off.  Click the flickering jack-o-lanterns to take a look...your Halloween fun awaits!  



  1. It looks great, and hope your little one is back to running around soon. :-)

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