Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Too Sweet Tuesday

So, I'm sure you've all either seen the previews for the new Nicholas Sparks The Lucky One or have already seen it, but if you haven't you should seriously take a time out, find a babysitter (if one is needed) and plan and date night out with the hubby. I know you're thinking "my husband would never go for this movie" but here's what you do to entice him. If you can set this up before he gets home from work that would be great, but if not you can stay up a little later or get up early and have it set up before he wakes up. DO NOT tell him what movie you are going to see or better yet what you will be doing on this date. Let it be a surprise so it's a mystery (remember, men love mystery) 

#1- I'm Lucky to Have You:
This is just a simple thing to do to show your husband how LUCKY you are to have him in your life! Head on over to grab your own copy by clicking on the picture above. Thank you to The Dating Divas for this awesome download! 

Make sure you have some scrapbook paper on hand to create the envelope.
The hubby will LOVE reading these! 

#2 Set the I'm Lucky to Have You Envelope right next to what you plain on wearing to bed when you get home tonight to show your husband just how lucky you want to get later. If you haven't bought anything new EVER or since you got married and you've been married 5+ years...it's time to visit Victorias Secret my friends because if you're still wearing the same things...it's no secret and you're killing the mystery here! 

#2- Go out to eat or cook his favorite meal. If you choose to dine out here are a few tips to keep in mind. 
  • Put on something nice. You don't have to break out that little black dress you've been dying to wear, but just don't even think about putting on stretchy pants with a matching jacket. Come on have some respect. Fix your hair and put on eye liner (I don't wear it everyday...just on special days when I feel like actually being pretty)
  • Leave the phone in the car. Seriously. This time with your spouse is much needed and you should let no one come between that time.
  • Get a booth so you can sit close , hold hands, perhaps share your meal. 
#3- Stop off at WalMart or Walgreens and grab some candy and drinks before the movie and stuff them in your purse (yes, this is not allowed, but it's cheap, risky and just plain fun). Don't forget to grab a blanket so you can get cozy inside the theater. 

#4-Enjoy the movie!

#5- Go home & slip into something more comfortable....let your imagination be your guide!

Remember- spend the entire evening showing him just how lucky you feel to be married to him. If you have ever read The 5 Love Languages and know your spouses love language, now would be a great time to use that to show him just how much you love him. 
Good Luck and GO ALL OUT- HE'S WORTH IT!



  1. I really like this idea. Sometimes it gets crazy and you just rush through things but I love that this shows the hubby you have made time for him.

  2. I love this idea! We actually have some movie tickets (purchased on Groupon) we need to use.

    Thanks for sharing!! :-D