Monday, November 28, 2011

December Calendar

Did you all survive the Black Friday shopping days?  My mom & I braved the crowds and shopped at our 3 most frequented shopping destinations...Tar-jay, Khol's, and the CRAZY HOUSE known as Toys R' Us!  Two of Noah's wish list items just happen to be the "Toys of the Year,"...thank you, Nickelodion commercials!  Now, if I can just keep him from watching new ones for, like 27 more days, we're good!  :)   

Is anyone else out there loving that crazy Target lady?  This is my fave commercial from the year and I CANNOT get, "Rum tummy tummy, Rum tummy tummy, Rum tummy tummy, ho ho ho!" out of my head.  My three-year-old is singing it now...geez!  

Anywho, enough about about a freebie on Cyber Monday?  I just finished the Decemeber calendar and to-do-list.  Hope you like it!
December Calendar


  1. Hey Guys,
    LOVING your new blog name and makeover! I also think the Target add is awesome :-) Thanks for the December Calendar....cuteness!!
    Michelle (Musings Of Me)

  2. LOVE the new make over!!! It is too cute! And Daphne, you are so talented!! The calendar is so professional looking! Thank you!

  3. That add does make me laugh. :) Thanks for the freebie and I love the new look. :)

    Ms. M
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