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Monday, August 26, 2013

Bib Organization 101

My husband and I are always looking for bibs right at the WRONG time---feeding time. Not good when you have a hungry infant right? Well, I found a solution---or so I thought. I cleaned out a drawer in our kitchen just for bibs. Oh how organized and neat. Yay. NOT. They kept getting caught inside---every time I open the drawer they end up in the cabinet below. Ugh! Solution number 2 and this DOES work.

So all you do is buy a command hook (any large size would work). Attach the hook to the back of the high chair. And---you're done. Bibs----right when you need them. Now, just make sure you always have some clean hanging on the hook. :) 

Now, I thought I was pretty intelligent and came up with this idea all on my own...but after looking it up on pinterest--- I have failed. Darn. Oh well--- just thought I would share it with you. Perhaps you are having the same issues. If not--- pin it and share with someone else. :) 


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