Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Too Sweet Tuesday

I cannot believe we've almost been married 5 years. It's been a great road---we've been through a lot together from finances to infertility and one thing that we've learned is that God comes number one in our marriage and that communication is key.  He is my biggest supporter and the first person I talk to each morning. He's truly my best friend and the second most important person in my life. 
So, to celebrate our 5th year we have decided to have a little party out at the lake. I thought I would search for some cute ideas and share them with you. 
One last thing I would like to add: if you find yourself struggling in your marriage and would like to strengthen it, the first thing I would suggest is prayer. However, for those of you that enjoy reading and feel that it helps you a little better along the way I enjoyed reading this book and they make one for husbands too!! Click the book for more information or to purchase. COMPLETELY worth every penny. I promise!

For our 1st Anniversary we did a BBQ theme so I thought I would kind of do that, but turn it into picnic style. 

Well, off to work on the invitation to match!! Oh what fun this will be! 



  1. Happy Anniversary! Your party pics are terrific--are you sure you're not a party planner?! :-)

  2. Cute pictures! I am definitely going to look into those books! Thanks for sharing them! ~Heidi V.

  3. I LOVE everything about this post!! AWESOME!