Monday, June 4, 2012

Menu Monday

I know ya'll are asking, where in the world have those Pixie Chicks been?  Wellllll, after traveling for Memorial Day, I had a little accident with my computer!  I had my laptop on my, well lap, and my little one came over for a hug.  Then, he tripped and almost fell into my night stand.  In the blink of an eye, I grabbed him and in the process my computer fell onto my carpet.  Now, my computer has been treated rather poorly since my energetic little boy came into my life.  It's been hit, dropped on the hardwood floor repeatedly, and stepped on.  So, I picked up my computer as always and thought nothing of it.  WRONG......when I picked it up, it rattled inside and I thought, m-kay that's not a good sound!  After that, I couldn't turn it on. I kept getting a symbol of a circle with a line through it.  come to find out, that means a critical file is missing.  After a trip to an Apple repair shop, I got the dreaded phone call saying, "I have really bad news.  We can't get ANY of your data off your computer."  Aaaahhhhhh!!!!!  So, I was a bad girl and hadn't backed up my files since the beginning of February and as of right now, all is lost!  My hard drive is in California at Drive Savers as we speak to see if they can rescue any of my data!  To a graphics designer, this is a catastrophe!  I'm currently typing this post on my hubby's work computer that I am borrowing for the time being., that is where I have been!  I'm now anxiously awaiting my phone call from Data Savers with hopefully good news!  In the meantime, here are a couple of meals I'm gonna attempt to cook this week.  

Monday: Sloppy Joe's:  I actually grew up calling these "Jiffy Hamburgers" and they are so simple AND so yummy.  They require 3 ingredients. Simply brown your hamburger meat, add 1 C Ketchup and 1 T Worcestershire Sauce.  Mix together, spoon onto to a bun, add cheese if you so desire, and enjoy! :)

Tuesday: Hot Dog Mac n' Cheese Casserole from Blog Chef

Wednesday and Thursday, the hubby has business dinners, so it's easy stuff for Noah & me like chicken nuggets, grilled cheese, and fish sticks.  Then, this weekend, we will celebrate our 12-year anniversary ♡ so a fun trip is in the works! Yay!  Stay tuned for a sale in my etsy shop and maybe our TN notebook shop cause Pixie Chick Jennifer celebrates her 5-year anniversary in a few weeks too!  


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