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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Heartfelt Hump Day {Valentine's Couples Party}

I got a little email this morning from Chanda of MattiCakes that couldn't have come at a better time!  I knew I needed something Valentine-y to post today and Chanda sent me the details and pictures of the sweetest Valentine's party!

In Chanda's words...

I threw the Italian themed party for some couples that needed a boost in their marriages  We did have a 10 year anniversary couple so we gave them a private table.  But all of us decided to serve our husbands with great food and all their favorite desserts.  We focused on Song of Solomon- "My beloved is mine and I am his"... It was really amazing to honor God through our marriages and serving our husbands.  

The little black rocks on the plates were to not only find your place but to put in our pockets.  I put my husband's in my pocket and walked around all day with it.  It reminded me of the burden that he can sometimes be but that when I see his name to take it out, God gave him to be the foundation and leader of my home.  I would pray each time and soon, I liked having it there.  It made me think of him 
all day.

I also transformed our spare room into a LOVE LOUNGE.  The wives would take their husbands there to dance with them. Music- Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, Worship music, Oldies and goodies...  

Gift bags were made from 100 year old Valentines cards.  They were filled with a game of body part and instructions, all kinds of chocolates and fun stuff from scented oils and lotions to gift cards to give to each other... 

Jars on the tables were Modge Podged with burgundy food coloring and then doilies and raffia attached.  I put candles and flowers inside them with a few tomatoes and rose petals... it was pretty! 

Menu board was just a corkboard with a frame and material I had left over.  

My hubby and I had everyone take a "prom" photo. 
Thanks for sharing with us, Chanda!  The party looked so fun and gives us some great ideas for Valentine's Day!  :)



  1. This is soo sweet! :) I love the focus!

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