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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What I Love Wednesday!

I'm in love with a new product, and I have to share!  For years, I have been looking for a GOOD Hair day!  You know those days where you leave the salon and want to run into everyone you know, because your hair looks FABULOUS!!!  Thanks to a dear friend from school,  I can now have GREAT Hair dayS!  She has amazing hair and recently shared with me her hair care products!!  I have had more compliments on my hair in the past two week then I can ever remember before!  I am in love with MOROCCANOIL products!  I use the shampoo, conditioner, oil treatment, and hair spray! I will tell you that a little goes along way with these products! It can be a little pricey, but for me you cannot put a price on a GREAT hair day!  So ladies if you have been like me and searching for a GOOD hair day,  I tell you to get yourself some MOROCCANOIL and have FABULOUS hair DAYS!  Thanks to my sweet friend for sharing her secret to great hair with me!



  1. I have been a Moroccan girl for a year now and LOVE IT. My hair dresser started me on it and now it is all I use. I even add a bit to my daughter's hair when I blow dry. You can add it to dry hair too. AmAzInG!!!!

  2. I LOVE this stuff! I can't imagine my hair without it. :)

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