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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What I'm LOVING Wednesdays

As Babbling Abby would say---- {STOP.THE.WORLD}... I absolutely LOVE these tumblers! Tervis tumblers has a really fabulous product here. Queen Bee (Heather) gave us one of these for Christmas and I have not put it down since I washed it. Of course mine is pink with a matching pink lid- but it leaves no rings on your gorgeous table tops, and keeps all liquids cold when you want it cold and hot when you want it hot! It's practically amazing!
I am dying to buy one of these! I can already tell you what I want to put inside each drawer. So wishing I could find one slightly used at a garage sell for under $30...

Love this lip gloss by Victoria's Secret---it's called Beauty Rush in "Hot Cocoanut" and it's my absolute FAV!

I love to swing over at The Tin Roof Cafe --and have a nice cup of Caramel Latte with extra whipped cream! Yummy!!

My new obsession----my husband has actually told me on more than one occasion to "just put down the computer and walk away."  Is that hard for anyone else other than me?

And at the end of the school day I love to retreat home to this----which often times is made by my sweet husband. Couldn't be the teacher I am without a HOT bubble bath!

What do you love this Wednesday? 



  1. I love my Memphis Tiger tervis tumbler I got for Christmas last year. I also have a colored drawer organizing cart in my classroom and it is so handy. I think the school ordered them for every teacher in our building. Lastly, blogging is a big obsession of mine. Well, not blogging, but stalking other blogs. lol

  2. I "heart" the drawer caddy as well! I am not sure if you have a Shopko in your area, but I found one 1/2 off for 35 (was 70 regular) Maybe there is still one there for you!!

  3. I got my drawer caddy at Shopko too! :) You've got to buy them onsale for sure!!!! :)

    I can't live without Sharpie Pens. Perfection :)