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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Less Mess!

2011 is the year to organize and declutter!  I started with my house, and quickly realized that I could use some of the the same techniques in my classroom.  One thing that at found over on A Bowl Full of Lemons blog was the "mobile command center".  This has worked so well for organizing the mail and bills at my house-that I created one for school! 
"The Modile Command Center" is a slim filing basket.  On the front of the basket, I have a 2011 calendar clipped to it. This calendar includes weekly themes and events for my classroom, as well as, events taking place in our school.  I have file folders inside for the important things I need throughout the day/week.  I have the following files:
Mailbox (incoming mail from school-make sure to clean it out once a week!)
To Copy (things I need to copy)
Next Week (sticking items I need for the next week-helps me stay ahead)
To Check (work I need to look over)
To Send Home (notes and graded papers to put in students' notebooks)
Class Rosters (always needing one of these)
This elminates a lot of clutter on my desk.  It is portable and easy to move around the classroom or even bring home. 
If you are thinking like this sounds like a good idea, head over to A Bowl Full of Lemons and checkout her Modile Command Center.  Remember you want it simple and useful!  Information organized and easy to access.  Think of folders you use on a daily/weekly basis when creating the "guts" of your command center!  I will post pictures of my mobile command center (also known as my Happening Hive Basket) soon!
Happy Organizing, Friends! 



  1. LOVE THAT IDEA! I need to go get one like YESTERDAY!
    Thanks! Michelle (fabulousinfirst.blogspot.com & fantasticfirstgrade.com)

  2. I just recently found Bowl Full of Lemons and I LOVE it! I didn't get to see the post about the mobile command center but when I followed your link, I fell in love. I can't wait to set up one for my family! I also can't wait to see your classroom one! Post pics soon! :)