Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Today's Spooktober Guest ~ First Grade O.W.L.s.

Hi everyone!  Nicole, here from First Grade O.W.L.s.  I am so excited to be a part of the Spooktober Celebration at Frogs, Bees and Under the Seas!  There are so many fun, spooky activities to do in October.  I thought I would post about something that incorporates a little learning and also decorates your classroom for this spooky time of year.  I took a bat pattern and traced it onto black construction paper.  Here is a bat pattern I found online.  You may need to enlarge it a bit.  We just finished learning about compound words so as a class we made a chart full of compound words. Then, students wrote a compound word on the bat's belly and the two words that make up the compound word on the wings.  It ended up looking like this:

We wrote a compound word on the front and the back of the bat and then we hung them from the clips on the ceiling to make it look as if our room is full of flying bats ~ compound word bats that is! 

And I just have to share this last little treat. Last year my class made edible eyeballs!  They are SO simple and my class thought they were SPOOKTACULAR!  Here is how you make them.  First take a white powdered donut.  Then place a gummy life saver on top in the center.  Use a little red gel icing to make it look bloodshot and there you have it!  Here is a picture of one of our eyeballs:

I want to thank Frogs, Bees and Under the Seas for inviting me to take part in this fabulous celebration.  I am enjoying all of the awesome ideas!   

Nicole, those bats are so cute, it's SCARY!  Lovin' the eyeballs too!  Thanks for joining our Spooktober party!  Fly on over to First Grade O.W.L.s. for much more inspiration! :)  


  1. omgosh! I so love how you hand things from your ceiling...I always do that, but have never thought about having a name hanger like that - I'm so going to have to do that!

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