Saturday, August 11, 2012

Back to School Bonanza

Hey Guys!  I know, I know...we are TERRIBLE Bloggers right now!  Jennifer is scurrying along trying to get her classroom in order after moving schools AND grades...whew!  I am busy getting my little one ready for PRESCHOOL!  He starts Monday.....aaaaahhhh!  Please pray that I do not have a Mommy melt down!  

Anyway, here I am working in the middle of the night and I wanted to let you all know about the sale in our TN shop.  Starting today, EVERYTHING in the shop is on sale for 20% off!  We hopped on the Back to School Bonanza band wagon {say that 5 times fast...geez} and joined the hundreds of other shops who are having sales right now too!  So, if you're in need of any last minute printables for your room, head on over there and get to shoppin'!

Sending prayers & good wishes your way as you put the finishing touches on all those beautiful classrooms out there!  Remember, each child that comes into your room is in need of a little LOVE and a lot of LEARNING!  Have fun! :)  


  1. Back to schoolll

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