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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Theme Thursday {All About Me}

So next week I'm starting my All About Me unit and here are some things I have found that I'm using or tweeking a bit:

I purchased this unit last year and used it with my firsties and they LOVED it. We worked on a couple pages a day and at the end of the week we shared them to the class. I'm kind of anxious to see what the kinders will create, but they are excited about talking about "me" all week.
Learn and Grow Designs: (click to purchase)

I purchased this unit last week and I'm excited about using some of the activities out of it!
Creative Classroom

I also took advantage of this MARVELOUS unit by Deanna Jump before school started. I used it mainly during the the beginning of school, but this is one of the projects we didn't get to, so I'm pulling it back out and we're going to do it. I know my kinders are going to love it....of course I'm going to be sweating as they are cutting (many of mine are still have difficulty holding scissors--AHHH) BUT- they love love LOVE tearing paper, so this will be their favorite. 
Mrs. Jump's Class:

This is also when I start to introduce my bucket fillers and talk about "heart felt words" and making our friends feel good. Here is a picture of what I use in my classroom as bucket fillers. As for the beginning of the year I am the only one using these. When the kids do something to make me happy (fill my bucket) I give them a pom pom to fill their bucket....because when you fill someone's bucket you also fill your bucket! 
I cannot remember where I snagged this sign from....THANK YOU if it was you--I'm thinking it was Room 36 but I'm not sure. 
Sorry about the darkness of the photo....I'm sitting in the dark because it relaxes me! I do have labels for my buckets, but I forgot them at home today so I'll be bringing them bright and early tomorrow morning and putting them on. This is actually a 24 shoe hanging organizer with plastic cups inside.

I also start my VIP (Very Important Pirate) and I start with information about myself. Each day is something different and I actually got the idea from What the Teacher Wants....and just tweeked it to fit my pirate theme. Also, whoever is VIP of the week, they get to spend a weekend with Cupcake our class pet (parrot) whom I have previously mentioned. 
Enjoy my friends!

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  1. So cute! I love the pom pom bucket fillers. Thanks for sharing your ideas!