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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What I Love Wednesday

I can't believe it's Wednesday already...where is the summer going?  *sigh*  

Anyway, there are so many fun summer activity ideas floating around in my head right now!  I hope I get to all of them with Noah this summer!  To help me get my ideas organized, I'm going to use this ultra cute Summer Bucket List at Tatertots & Jello via Positively Splendid.  It even comes with FREE printables...how awesome is that?

One activity (actually on my agenda for this week) is to make a Rainbow I Spy Book from Delia Creates!  Delia took several collage pictures of her sons' toys.  Then, she pulled a few toys aside to take individual pictures of what they were supposed to "spy."  Then, printed them as 4x6 pictures, slid them into an el-cheapo photo album, and voila...a book to keep kids happy and busy on long car rides, church, and wherever you need a quiet activity!  

And, lastly for today, I was told by several incredibly smart ladies that I needed to buy Noah the Leap Frog Letter Factory DVD so that he could learn letter sounds. Weeeelllllll...I took their advice and bought it! I have to say that I was skeptical.  Being a Kindergarten teacher, I thought that no DVD could actually teach the letter sounds!  My review of this DVD???  It is TOTALLY AWESOME!!!  We have had the DVD for 2 weeks and Noah (age 3) now knows ALL of his sounds!  A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!!!  I'm so excited because now I can start with sight words and blending sounds in the fall!  So, if you have a Preschooler at home or teach Pre-K, this video is for you!  Check it out!
Have a wonderful Wednesday, friends!


  1. *very cute*!! I may have to steal that idea! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Love hearing about the Leap Frog Letter Factory!! I teach Pre-K & seeing how inexpensive the DVD is, I might have to check it out over the summer and see where I can put it to use in the classroom!!

  3. I rarely show a DVD, but these are awesome! The kids really do learn from them and you can show them the same movie every time!


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