Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Thanksgivings Past

As most of you prepare for that traditional classroom Thanksgiving Feast, my thoughts turn to my 7 years of feasting, which led me to take a trip back in time through my old classroom pictures.  I thought I would share some of those pictures with all of you (embarrassing as they may be)!

We start our journey in 2001, when I was a young Student Teacher! 
My apologies for the bad picture quality (before my days of digital photography)

Then, on to my very first Kindergarten class in 2002 (pay no attention to the bare classroom)!

My first feast experience (60 Pilgrims & Indians together - WOW)

My 2003 Crew ~ getting a little better with the outfit design!

My 2004 Table Design (notice the cute little pilgrim hat napkin rings) :)

2005 ~ I finally got the Pilgrim Costume down!  Yay!

3 Little Pilgrims

2006 Feast

My last class before having my own Lil' Pilgrim!

Me as a Pregnant Pilgrim with our own Queen Bee!
Don't shoot me for posting this picture, Mrs. Huskey, we look pretty cute!  :)
So, I wish all of you out there the best of luck as you prepare for your classroom Thanksgiving Feasts!  Even though I'm not teaching right now, I fully intend on making a Pilgrim or Indian costume for my Little Man this Thanksgiving!

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