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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Surprise Freebie & Scarecrows For Sale

I know we usually wait until Friday to give freebies, but I'm sure no one will mind if we give away an extra one on a Tuesday, right? :)  

Since we are all gearing up for October and fall-ifying (is that a word...if not, I just made it up) our classrooms, I wanted to give you my new October calendar set.  It includes both blank and numbered calendar pieces, an October month header, and special days pieces.   Enjoy! :) 
October Calendar
Also, for 5 days only, we have SCARECROWS FOR SALE!!!  I finally finished my Scarecrows Literacy & Math Activities and it is 15% off until this coming Saturday (Oct. 1) for $3.40.  It is 22 pages of scarecrow fun perfect to do with your kiddos at the start of my fave season, FALL!  Yipee! :)  

My little one is stuck on one the book, The Scarecrow's Hat right now!  It is an awesome story to do sequencing with, so I wanted to make an activity for it.  I simply COULD NOT find clipart that I liked to match the story, soooooo I made my own.  It took forever & a day to get done, but I enjoy it so much that it really doesn't seem like work to me.  I hope you like it!  

**The Scarecrow's Hat student book is included in color and black & white in the packet, so you can choose which one to do with your munchkins.  

Click the crow to purchase...



  1. Love the calendar! Super cute... thanks for sharing for free! Happy f'all y'all!!

    Kindergarten Katy

  2. Thanks for making the blank cards. I love them.

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